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Caisteal a' Ghlinne, 19 May 1949

Track ID : 40853

A love song about a man who was sent to prison unjustly. He says that the prison is lowly and cold and that he didn't get justice or a hearing. He cannot sleep and he wishes that he was with his love.

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An Ùine tha Iain gun a Bhiadh, 19 May 1949

Track ID : 40856

A fragment of a song which makes reference to a man called Iain and the amount of time he has gone without eating.

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Bidh Gach Cearc agus Gach Tunnag, 19 May 1949

Track ID : 40858

A humorous song about a pet sheep and her lamb. They go into his corn and he has problems controlling them.

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'S ann a tha an Truaigh air Cearcan Anna, 19 May 1949

Track ID : 40860

A humorous song about Anna's hens. They ate the bard's seed and the best way to deal with them in winter was to wring their neck. One of the hens was stooped and the other was lame.

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Soraidh Leat a Dhòmhnaill Ruairidh, August 1990, 18 September 1990

Track ID : 99495

Iain Campbell emigrated to New Zealand. He composed this song to another Uistman who was over there, but returned home. In the song, he describes some of the crew on board the Bolingbroke.

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O Mo Dhùthaich 's Tu th' air M' Aire, August 1990, 21 September 1990

Track ID : 99576

An emigrant song. The composer misses South Uist and talks about conditions in Manitoba, where the autumn is wet and the winters are long.

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Am Bothan a bh' aig Fionnghala, August 1990, 18 September 1990

Track ID : 99488

This is a mouth music song with a chorus in canntaireachd. It has local references.

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Slan gum Faicear Raghnall Òg, November 1955

Track ID : 50475

A song in praise of Raghnall Òg (MacDonald). John of Moidart is also praised.

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Nuair a Thèid Raghnall Òg le Bhrataich, November 1955

Track ID : 50476

A short fragment of a song in praise of Raghnall Òg of Clanranald.

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Brà, Brà, Bleith o, November 1955

Track ID : 50481

A short example of a quern song.

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