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Ach 'Illean Biomaid Sunndach, 22 March 1951

Track ID : 34898

This is an emigrant song. The chorus states that those on board the ship have left as they could not scrape a living. There was a storm as the boat sailed past Greenock and Catriona felt homesick. ...

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Bodachan a' Ghàrraidh, 22 March 1951

Track ID : 34902

This is a humorous 'port' about a lively old man from North Uist with a daughter called Catriona who took snuff.

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'S Fheudar Dhomh bhith Beò, 22 March 1951

Track ID : 34904

In this song a man tells of his sadness since the girl he loved left him. A man named as Ronald has become conceited as a result, while the composer has to mourn his loss.

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Cha Phòs Mi Fhìn, Cha Ghabh Mi Té Mhór, 22 March 1951

Track ID : 34906

In this humorous song the bard tells of the kind of wife he would like to have. Some kinds of women would not be acceptable.

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Muinntir Ghrianaig air a Thòir, April 1951

Track ID : 34971

This vocal dance tune in strathspey style says "The Greenock folk are looking for you". It goes on to name other places.

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'S Mo Leannan Calum Gaolach, April 1951

Track ID : 34973

In this fragment from a waulking song, a woman says that beloved Calum is her sweetheart. He did not lie in her bed the previous night, and will not do so tonight if the walls will keep him out.

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E ho ro mo Niallachain, April 1951

Track ID : 34975

This port-à-beul is addressed to little Neil. Not every woman would get a kiss from him. The composer asks if he will take the rich woman this year.

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Siud mar Chaidh an Càl a Dholaidh, April 1951

Track ID : 34977

This is a vocal dance tune in strathspey style. The first section tells of spoiled kale. In the second section the composer tells of being without a lover, unless she takes an old one.

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Deoch-slàinte na Caileig a Thug Seachad an Dram, April 1951

Track ID : 34979

The composer drinks the health of the girl who gave him a dram. The placenames in the song are in Ross-shire.

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Glaschu chan eil e Ceart, April 1951

Track ID : 34983

In this homeland song, the composer tells of places he likes or dislikes. He does not like foggy Glasgow, or peatless Barra. He will get a wife in his own island.

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