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O Gur Mise th' air Mo Leònadh, 20 October 1937

Track ID : 41494

In this song a man is lamenting what happened at the Battle of Inverlochy. A band of Irishmen came over to Scotland to fight with the MacDonalds. They killed his father, his wife and his children. ...

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O Gur Mise a th' air Mo Leònadh, 04 October 1937

Track ID : 43307

The woman who composed this song tells of her grief. She describes how the Irish came to help the MacDonalds. Her father and husband, four young sons and nine foster children were killed. Her cattl...

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O Gur Mise a th' air Mo Leònadh, 20 November 1937

Track ID : 40721

This song laments loved ones who have been killed at the Battle of Inverlochy. The song says that it was the "grim Irish" who gave strength to Clan Donald. The person in the song says their livesto...

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Ghluais am fiosraiche dha taobh siar na Hearadh mu 1937. Iom..., 27 February 1984

Track ID : 74516

The contributor moved to the west side of Harris around 1937. Information about Harris Clearances and the gentry coming for the shooting.

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Fàilte air a' Bhaile, 06 June 1988

Track ID : 54910

Information about Scourie in Sutherland. Martin MacDonald talks about Scourie in Sutherland. He mentions the amenities available, the crofts, the lochs and the surrounding area.

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An t-Slabhraidh, 1961

Track ID : 66170

A poem about a pot-hanger that was found in the ground. It was rusty and was no longer being used. The bard uses the image of the pot-hanger when he refers to the Gaelic language.

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Mo Chailin Dìleas Donn, 1966

Track ID : 76713

In this song the composer praises his faithful brown-haired girl. However, he is sad because he is on the high seas and far from her.

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Tìr nan Òg, October 1966

Track ID : 76620

This song is about Tìr nan Òg [Land of Youth]. The big stars that light the night are shining from the Land of Youth. The composer asks not to be left as a poor soul beside the sea.

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Prògram Choinnich, 21 May 1998, 21 May 1998

Track ID : 14783

John Newton's influence on the poetry of Samuel Coleridge. The Rev. John Ferguson explains why a book he read on William Cowper leads him to believe that John Newton's writings and hymns influence...

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Prògram Choinnich, 08 July 1997, 08 July 1997

Track ID : 9645

Mary Slessor pictured on £10 note. The missionary Mary Slessor [1848-1915] from Dundee is pictured on the Clydesdale Bank's £10 note in 1997. Her history is discussed, and the work she did after g...

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