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Eas Niagara, 1972

Track ID : 107185

A poem which the contributor composed in praise of the Niagara Falls, which he visited when on holiday in Toronto.

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A detailed description of drùilleanan: a game similar to marbles., 11 March 1953

Track ID : 8009

A detailed description of drùilleanan, a game similar to marbles.

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Cluich cloinne: drùilleanan., 1960

Track ID : 75586

A description of drùilleanan: a game similar to marbles. A description of a children's game, similar to marbles, which was played with small round stones found on the shore. The contributor played...

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An t-Ollamh Urramach MacIllEathain Mac na Ceàrdaich., 12 February 1953

Track ID : 2678

Reverend Professor MacLean Sinclair and his song collection. The contributor relates the genealogy of the Reverend Professor Alexander MacLean Sinclair. He published a collection of songs, some of...

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Òran do dh'Eas Niagara, March 1953

Track ID : 2633

A poem describing the power and beauty of the Niagara Falls.

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Am fear ann an Ceap Breatainn a bha air chall., March 1953

Track ID : 2635

How a man in Cape Breton who was lost was guided home by a stranger. A man in Cape Breton went for a walk and got lost in a wood. After several days he came to a loch with a headland jutting out i...

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Rabhadh a fhuair bean a bha a' tuireadh, 's a leanabh air bàsachadh., March 1953

Track ID : 2638

Warning to a distraught mother who had lost her child. A woman lost a child and cried excessively. On the day of the funeral, she stood crying in the room where the coffin had lain. Then she felt ...

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Sgoil agus Beurla nuair a bha am fiosraiche òg., March 1953

Track ID : 2650

The contributor's account of education, language and status in his youth. The women, in the contributor's youth, did not speak English, although the men usually had some. There was more of an atte...

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Leigheas air leanabh a bha a' rànaich., 12 February 1953

Track ID : 2659

Cure for a crying child. The contributor explains how to cure a child of 'ràchd', when they cried so much they almost stopped breathing.

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Leigheas air leanabh a rugadh gun anail., 12 February 1953

Track ID : 2660

The contributor recounts the method used by a midwife to revive babies that were born not breathing.

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