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Mar a bhios am fiosraiche a' dèanamh òrain., 19 September 1973

Track ID : 68588

How the contributor composes songs. The contributor explains how he creates songs. He does not keep any livestock now and when he is not busy he goes for a walk around his home. Words arrive and h...

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Cleachdaidhean tiodhlacaidh, croitearachd, iasgach, agus nit..., 16 June 1969

Track ID : 87659

Funeral customs, crofting, fishing, and supernatural beings. Information on the following subjects: funeral customs (including the consumption of whisky, biscuits and cheese); crofting (cattle and...

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Iomradh air luadhadh agus fighe., 19 September 1973

Track ID : 68803

Some information on waulking and spinning. The contributor only ever saw one waulking. Every house had a spinning-wheel. The women would be engaged in knitting, dyeing, carding and spinning. They ...

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Iomradh air bleoghan., 19 September 1973

Track ID : 68804

Information on milking. Some cows would not yield their milk unless they were sung to. The Highland cattle were good for milk. People had churns and would make butter on a Friday. They would have ...

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Fiosrachadh air an fhoghlam a fhuair am fiosraiche na òige., 19 September 1973

Track ID : 68805

Information on the education that the contributor received in his youth. The contributor talks about the schooling that he got when he was young. He started school aged six and was there until he ...

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Nicolson, Donald, 1887-1979 (6920)

Person ID : 6920

County : Inverness-shire
Parish : Sleat
Island : Skye
Village : Camuscross
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