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Mairin de Barra (Maureen Barry), 04 February 1988

Track ID : 84559

Man's forlorn love song in Irish sean nos style. Preceded by introduction.

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Fisher family connections with Barra., 16 October 1986

Track ID : 84356

Fisher family connections with Barra. Mrs Fisher explains that Auntie Mary on Barra is her cousin. Mrs Fisher has often been back to Barra, staying at her daughter Ray's cottage. Ray is a well-kno...

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Ceilidhing and singing on Barra., 03 March 1976

Track ID : 61971

Ceilidhing and singing on Barra. It was common to go round each other's houses ceilidhing. The contributor's uncle, Roderick MacKinnon, used to come to their house and sing. He was a good singer, ...

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Connections between Barra and Tiree., 26 June 1974

Track ID : 69914

Connections between Barra and Tiree. Donald Sinclair's ancestors came from Barra, and he wished to visit them. They came from Castlebay. He had heard that they were very good people. Catholic peop...

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Connections between Tiree and Barra., 04 July 1974

Track ID : 70144

Connections between Tiree and Barra. The contributor describes some connections between the islands of Tiree and Barra. There was a woman named MacDonald from Barra who used to holiday with them i...

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There is no bigotry in Barra., August 1970

Track ID : 67209

There is no bigotry in Barra. Protestants in Barra have always been friendly with the priests. There is no bigotry. People mix well and go to school together. A song composed to Fr Chisholm is dis...

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An account of funeral customs in Barra., June 1974

Track ID : 79974

An account of funeral customs in Barra. Women would attend funerals. Three miles was the shortest distance to the graveyard. The deceased's relatives gave each mourner half a yard of tobacco to sh...

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Cattle in Mingulay, Vatersay, and Barra., 01 July 1960

Track ID : 54049

Cattle in Mingulay, Vatersay, and Barra. Highland cattle were common at one time. Nowadays, the breeds are Aberdeen Angus and Shorthorn. The Highland cattle used to be taken to Oban; they were a v...

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Balmoral Highlanders/Father John MacMillan of Barra/Jean Mauchline, 1977

Track ID : 60155

Diddling of three marches. They are 'Balmoral Highlanders', 'Father John MacMillan of Barra' and 'Jean Mauchline'.

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Information on religion and community life in Barra., June 1974

Track ID : 42209

Information on religion and community life in Barra. The family said prayers individually. The Rosary was recited at home, not in different houses. The contributor tells of a woman commenting abou...

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