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'S Moch an-Diugh a Rinn mi Èirigh, 30 January 1964

Track ID : 88909

In this waulking song, a girl tells of her sadness, as she climbs the mountain. She sees some nobles coming. Her lover is not with them. He is described as being a hunter.

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Bliadhna na croitearachd ann an cuid a sgìrean ann an Leòdhas., April 1967

Track ID : 36452

The crofting year in parts of Lewis. The contributor explains the crofting year in parts of Lewis. Crops were rotated every year. Every house had seven or eight cows and their manure was used to f...

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Dèanamh na coise-cruime., 09 August 1951

Track ID : 35277

Making the foot-plough. The contributor gives a detailed description of how a foot-plough was made. He mentions many of the parts. A smith would be employed to make and fit the blade.

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Loch an Eich-uisge, 09 April 1951

Track ID : 34522

The loch of the water-horse. There is a loch in Barra called Loch an Eich-uisge [the loch of the water-horse]. This water-horse was once spotted, in the form of a man, by a girl. She saw a handsom...

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O bà mo Leanabh, 13 July 1950

Track ID : 49238

In the chorus of this lullaby, a mother wishes that the men who have gone overseas will return. She reflects on the many misfortunes facing women. She is sad as she has been left with a child, but ...

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Gaol Beag thu, Gaol Beag thu, 09 January 1956

Track ID : 50667

Lullaby. In this song the composer sings of her love for her little child.

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Mac 'ic Ailein agus Nighean Mhic a' Phì, 15 February 1950

Track ID : 25021

MacPhee of Colonsay had a beautiful daughter, and he would not let anyone marry her except the person who could jump over his gate on horseback. Clanranald was that person.

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Mac 'ic Ailein agus MacNìll Bharraigh, 15 February 1950

Track ID : 25030

MacNeil of Barra once invited Clanranald to a feast, where he tried to impress upon his guest that he was wealthy. Clanranald however, found out that his host had come upon hard times.

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O hì o hà Mo Luaidh Mo Leanaibh, 21 July 1950

Track ID : 25506

This is a Gaelic lullaby. The mother sings of her love for her child, and states that other people are out gathering tangles.

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Cò Thug Mo Bhò a dh'Èirinn?, 14 December 1949

Track ID : 21410

In this little song, probably used as a clapping song, the composer asks who has taken her cow to Ireland. The cow came from Barra to Uist.

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