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Fiosrachadh mu dheidhinn obair nan cliabh sna h-Eileanan Mòra., 27 May 1977

Track ID : 70834

Information about lobster fishing at the Shiant Islands. The contributor went lobster fishing at the Shiant Islands when he left school. He gives detailed information and tells anecdotes about tho...

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'S ann mu Thuath Fada Tuath, October 1966, October 1966

Track ID : 107640

The bard tells of leaving North Uist twenty years ago and going to Glasgow. He decided to return home and took the train to Oban, in order to board the 'Hebrides'. He describes the joy of seeing th...

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Smeòrach ag ràdh ri duine am botal uisge-bheatha aige òl., 25 May 1952

Track ID : 1346

A thrush telling a man to drink his bottle of whisky. Donald, who was going fishing, met a thrush. The thrush made him drink his bottle of whisky. Afterwards, he lay down by the side of the road, ...

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Manadh air bàs: caoineadh., March 1953

Track ID : 2621

An omen of death: wailing. The contributor's father, uncle and two others were fishing in Loch Tamnabhaigh when they heard a man crying on the shore. They knew there could be no one there. The inc...

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Mar a thionndaidh èisg Alasdair Mhòir gu ùir., September 1958

Track ID : 68106

How Alasdair Mòr's fish turned to dirt. Alasdair Mòr mac Iain Làidir was fishing. Another man said it was time to share his catch, but Alasdair said there were plenty more fish in the river. When ...

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Tramaichean an Glaschu., 25 May 1952

Track ID : 22881

Glasgow trams. Donald and Dougal were working in Glasgow. Dougal later said that the trams were pulled by fishing-rods.

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Seanfhacal a bha air a ràdh nuair a bhiodh an t-uabhas a' do..., 1971

Track ID : 48950

A proverb said when people flocked to visit a rich person.

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Manadh mu bhàs air bàta., March 1953

Track ID : 2617

An omen about a death on a boat. Four boys bought a boat and went fishing west of Skye. Those on a boat alongside saw a man jump off the end of the boys' boat, but the crew were all still aboard. ...

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Manadh air bàs: bàta anns an robh solas., March 1953

Track ID : 2618

An omen of death: a light in a boat. The crew of a fishing boat saw a light in the stern of a boat. They pulled it up on the shore and abandoned it. It filled with water. Much later, children were...

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Mìneachadh air facal, 'sporthailean'., 1972

Track ID : 74225

Definition of a word, 'sporthailean'. The contributor explains that 'sporthailean' was used to describe the act of looking for lice on a person's head, and also to describe a blind person feeling ...

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