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Horo Chan Eil Cadal Orm, 1953

Track ID : 996

A woman's song, lamenting the fact that she married an old man. Her family were willing for the match to take place as she had little dowry. The promise of wealth deceived her and the old man annoy...

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Air Do Shlàinte Mhàiri an Dotair, 1953

Track ID : 998

A mouth music song toasting pretty Mary's wedding.

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Banais Mòir Chamshroin, 1953

Track ID : 1001

A humorous song about a wedding. The composer cares not who is there and who is not, but he is going to Marion Cameron's wedding. He has little regard for the groom and tells of the many girlfriend...

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'S e Ceallsa Dubh, 1953

Track ID : 1004

The people in this song were not good to the family of the composer, so he wrote this song about them. They were mean.

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Fhir a' Bhàta, 1953

Track ID : 1006

A woman's love song for her beloved, who is a fisherman. She waits for him and longs for his return. She often looks out, from the high point, for his returning boat and with tears in her eyes wond...

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A Mhàiri Dhonn is Toigh Leam Thu, 1953

Track ID : 1008

A man's love song for Mary of the brown hair and blue eyes. He longs for the summer to come so that he can go to the woods with her. Even though he would receive riches, it is only her love that wo...

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Ho rò 's na ho ri-ri ò, 1953

Track ID : 1010

Four verses of a waulking song, listing the achievements of the members of one family.

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A MhicNeachdain an Dùin, 1953

Track ID : 1012

A woman's love song to MacNeachdain of the castle.

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Cha Tig Mòr Mo Bhean Dhachaigh, 1953

Track ID : 1014

A man's lullaby for his wife, who has departed. He laments that the children are without their mother and that many things around the house and land have not been attended to since her departure.

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Air Fail il oro 's a Mhàiri Bhàn, 1953

Track ID : 1016

A love song from a soldier to fair-haired Mary. The last verse is a response. She will not take a stonemason, a carpenter, or a farmer, but only the young man with whom she is in love.

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