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Mar a tha clòimh air a dath le sealastair, fraoch agus crota..., 18 August 1959

Track ID : 47969

The contributor explains how wool is dyed with iris, heather and crotal, and the colours they each make.

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Tha am fiosraiche ag innse mar a tha e a' dèanamh teadhair l..., 18 August 1959

Track ID : 47701

The contributor explains how he makes a tether with a stake for a young calf for outside pasture.

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Muladach Mi o chionn Seachdain, 01 June 1968

Track ID : 31708

This waulking song was composed by the poetess Mary MacLeod while in exile. In it she asks if she can return to Ruairidh Mòr in Dunvegan Castle where there is dancing, fiddling and piping. The con...

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A' Bhean Eudach, 02 June 1988

Track ID : 98316

A man married one of two sisters, and the couple had three sons. The spurned sister was jealous. One day she succeeded in leaving her sister stranded by the incoming tide, and refused to help her. ...

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Dh'Èirich Mi Moch Latha na Fèille, June 1974

Track ID : 72784

This humorous waulking song tells of a man who went to a sale with his dun-coloured stirk. Various people came to ask for money he owed.

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Cridheachan luaidhe., March 1955

Track ID : 29025

Lead hearts. Mention of an old woman who made some lead hearts which were thrown out onto a hill.

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Dòigh air eòin na mara a ghlacadh ann am Miughalaigh., June 1960

Track ID : 54700

A method for catching seabirds on Mingulay. The people of Mingulay used to catch seabirds for eating. They would use a log stick, about 15 feet, to hit the birds at the top of crags. They would ca...

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Chaidh Moill' air mo Lèirsinn, November 1965

Track ID : 25278

In oral tradition, this song is linked with Fearchar MacRae (Fearchar mac Iain Òig). The song tells of the misery of the seven years he spent as a fugitive in the hills, after he killed the factor....

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Dh'fhàg iad mi sa cheap nam ònrachd, 20 June 1960

Track ID : 100182

In this song a man tells of his loneliness after he has been banished, even though he did not commit a crime The contributor explains that a woman was acting as a wet nurse to a child belonging to...

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Faclan neo-chumanta às an Eilean Sgitheanach., June 1956

Track ID : 71075

Uncommon words from the Isle of Skye. One hundred and twenty-five Gaelic words which the contributor has not seen in a dictionary, with meanings given in English.

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