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Amadan Rìgh Seumas., c. August 1968

Track ID : 107209

Contributors : MacIntyre, Michael (4717)

King James' fool. A fool worked for King James, on condition that if he ever wished to hang him he could choose the wood himself. He molested a girl and was to be hanged, but refused all the wood ...

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Ceist an rìgh., c. August 1968

Track ID : 107210

Contributors : MacIntyre, Michael (4717)

The king's question. A fool had a brother who was a bishop. The bishop was summoned by the king to answer a question. The fool took the bishop's clothes and his horse, and went in his place. He wa...

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The story behind the tune 'Lament for the Little Supper'., April 1967

Track ID : 99051

The story behind the tune 'Lament for the Little Supper'. The contributor relates the story behind the tune 'Lament for the Little Supper'. Two chiefs were feuding over a piece of land. They decid...

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Sgeulachd mu dheidhinn mar a shàbhail amadan a bhràthair, a...

Track ID : 100394

A story about how a fool saved the life of his brother, a priest, by answering three questions the king put to him.

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Dh'aithnich ròn spòg a' chuilein aige a chaidh a mharbhadh., 1971

Track ID : 107456

A seal recognised the remains of its offspring, killed by hunters. At one time people in the north used to hunt seals. One seal came ashore and saw a flipper lying among the debris. He/she recogni...

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Dòmhnall agus Alasdair agus na fuamhairean., 1971

Track ID : 107460

Alasdair and Donald and the three giants. Alasdair and Donald were shipwrecked in Africa. They met three giants who were brothers. Each had a palace and wanted the king's daughter. After some time...

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Boban Saor agus a mhac a' togail caisteal do Rìgh Lochlainn...., 1971

Track ID : 107462

Boban Saor and his son build a castle for the King of Norway. Boban Saor was a great carpenter. He was married and had one son. When the boy grew up, he was not as able as his father. One day Boba...

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Alasdair agus an fhàlaire., 1969

Track ID : 107273

Alasdair and the palfrey. A young man called Alasdair was shipwrecked in Africa. He stayed with a giant who warned him not to go near certain things in the house. Alasdair looked into a kettle he ...

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Cailleach nan Cnò agus Tàillear nan Clàr., 1969

Track ID : 107283

The nut-eating old woman (Cailleach nan Cnò) and the tailor. Cailleach nan Cnò asked for a sack of nuts to be buried with her when she died, and this was done. People were scared as they often hea...

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Dòmhnall mac Thormoid agus sìthichean Dùn Chuilinn. , 1969

Track ID : 107284

Dòmhnall mac Thormoid and the fairies of Dùn Chuilinn. Fairies stole a baby when its parents were out working and they left a changeling in its place. The father, Dòmhnall mac Thormoid, was advise...

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