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A man was pursued by a little woman who beat him for a year..., 1978

Track ID : 57362

A man was pursued by a little woman who beat him for a year and a day. A shepherd's son was getting married. The drink ran out and he set off to town to get more. He met a little woman on a bridge...

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Mar a dh'èirich do mhac MhicNèill nuair a chaidh a ruagadh g..., 03 October 1976

Track ID : 57452

What happened to MacNeil's son when he was banished to a sea stack. MacNeil of Barra had a son who shamed his father and so he was banished to a sea stack. He built a castle there and a device to ...

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Mar a fhuair duine a-mach nach robh a mhàthair a' faighinn b..., 03 October 1976

Track ID : 57477

How a man found out his wife had been ill-treating his mother. A widow, whose son stayed with her, was ill-treated by the son's wife when they married. One night, the widow stood in the door to lo...

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Mar a chuir Fionn às do Dhiarmad., 03 October 1976

Track ID : 57496

How Fionn let Diarmad die. Diarmad was Fionn's nephew. Diarmad had a beauty spot under his hair and any woman who saw it would fall in love with him. He also had a vulnerable spot and if a wild bo...

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Bàs Dhiarmaid, September 1958

Track ID : 57566

Contributors : MacDonald, Peggy (4884)

The contributor tells extracts from the story of Diarmad and recites verses from 'Laoidh Dhiarmaid'.

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Mac 'ic Ailein agus a' Bhiast, 31 March 1975

Track ID : 54631

Contributors : MacIntyre, Michael (4717)

MacDonald of Clanranald and the Beast A beast followed one of the MacDonalds of Clanranald who stayed on Canna. He got a lion to kill the beast but that did not work. The day MacDonald died, peopl...

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Cailleach nan Cnò agus Tàillear nan Clàr, 31 March 1975

Track ID : 54739

Cailleach nan Cnò and Tàillear nan Clàr Nobody wanted to go near the church because they believed it was haunted. A tailor, Tàillear nan Clàr, who was disabled, said that he would go past it to ge...

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An Tàillear anns an Eaglais Tathaichte., 31 March 1975

Track ID : 54741

The Tailor in the Haunted Church People were afraid to pass the church because it was haunted. The tailor said he would spend the night in it sewing trousers. Through the night he saw a head appea...

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Ministear ann an seann eaglais tathaichte le Bìoball agus co..., 31 March 1975

Track ID : 54742

Minister visits old haunted church with a Bible and a candle. The minister did not believe the people who said they saw a light and heard noises coming from the old church. He went to spend the ni...

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Naidheachd mu Fhear a' Bhaile a' faighneachd do Dhòmhnall dè..., September 1974

Track ID : 58908

Contributors : Dix, Catherine (363)

An anecdote about Donald being asked which came first: the bird or the egg.

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