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Saoil an till mi a-chaoidh, 2001

Track ID : 95610

A song of nostalgia and longing for the Isle of Lewis by a man who emigrated to America. He wishes to return to his homeland and be buried at Dalmore.

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Dealan-dè, 02 May 1986

Track ID : 29321

A story of a large animal which came to a ship sailing the eastern seas. Torquil MacRae heard this story from his father long ago in the taigh-cèilidh, who was sailing the eastern seas at the time...

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Caidil a Mhòrag, Caidil a Mhàireag, June 1956

Track ID : 70669

This is a short lullaby. The composer states that she has plenty of cattle.

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Mo Chùbhrachan 's a Chùl ri Làr, November 1965

Track ID : 24742

This is a version of a well-known cradle song. According to some stories, the song was composed by a woman whose child had been stolen by the fairies. It tells of her fruitless search for the missi...

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Tha Caolas Eadar Mi 's Iain, 1985

Track ID : 91644

A waulking song about a secret lover.

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Bhon dh'Fhàg Thu Mi 's Mulad Orm, 1995

Track ID : 101946

A man's love song. His sweetheart has forsaken him because she heard that he had another woman. He explains that he was not serious about this other woman. If he met her in the shop, he would buy h...

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Bruadar an Leòdhasaich an Winnipeg, 2005

Track ID : 94687

An emigrant song. The poet is living in Winnipeg but his thoughts are in Lewis and on his childhood there.

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Cailleach Beinn a' Bhric Ho Rò, 1953

Track ID : 7391

This song tells of 'The old woman of Beinn a' Bhric'. She was the spirit who protected the deer. She would travel from glen to glen to find out which one was the best. The second verse sung here sa...

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Am Bruadar a Chunnaic Anna, 07 June 1958

Track ID : 80416

This song tells in graphic and amusing detail of the nightmare experienced by a certain Anna.

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'S i Mòrag a Rinn a' Bhanais, November 1965

Track ID : 24999

This vocal dance tune tells of Mòrag's famous wedding.

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