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Cunntas air faclan èibhinn eadar boireannach agus dà bhàrd., 1970

Track ID : 36515

An account of a witty exchange between a woman and two bards.

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Iain Reòta a' cuideachadh nighean air an robh dìmeas ga dhèa..., 1970

Track ID : 36518

Jack Frost helped an ill-treated girl to survive the cold. A Harris man and his daughter went abroad to a cold country. The daughter was ill-treated by her foster mother. She sent the father out w...

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A young man releases a woman from enchantment as a ghost by..., March 1955

Track ID : 36523

A young man releases a woman from enchantment as a ghost by meeting her for a week. Jack, a farmer's son, went to meet his sweetheart, Meg, every Sunday for three years. One night he met a beautif...

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Am poidsear à Tobha Beag agus an diabhal., 09 October 1958

Track ID : 36040

The Howbeg poacher and the devil. A fellow called Donald from Howbeg was out poaching alone on the river, when a big, dark man joined him. The poacher began to get lots of fish and a stranger said...

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Mar a fhuair agus a chaill Oisean a bhean, mar a fhuair e a..., 1958

Track ID : 36597

How Ossian got and lost his wife, how he regained his strength when living with Para Naomh Clèireach, and how he died. A woman came to the Fingalian's three sheiling bothies and asked for shelter....

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Mac Rìgh na Frainge agus am Maraiche Màirneal., 1958

Track ID : 36599

The King of France's son and the Maraiche Màirneal. The King of France's wife died and he remarried. His new wife didn't know he had a son until the hen-wife told her. She gave him a multicoloured...

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Nighean fear an taigh mhòir agus mac bantraich a' pòsadh, a...

Track ID : 36603

The owner of the big house's daughter marries the widow's son, despite her father's efforts to come between them by sending him abroad. When the owner of the big house discovered that his daughter...

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Fear-siubhail a' glacadh mèirleach., March 1963

Track ID : 37465

A traveller overcame a robber. Three fellow travellers were on the road together. Two of them were very careful about their money; the third was less careful. The two went on ahead while the third...

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Sgeulachd mu mhinistear a fhuair bainne le rudeigin ann., 1958

Track ID : 37786

Story about a minister who was given milk laced with a drop of something. A minister visited a farmhouse and the farmer told his wife not to give him a drink, because he was teetotal. She gave him...

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Lachlann a' dèanamh a' ghnothaich air cumhachd bana-bhuidsea..., March 1963

Track ID : 37564

Lachlann overcomes the power of witchcraft. A Skye witch turned her daughter into a crow to sail with a Uist boat and do harm. The daughter accompanied the boat all the way to Uist but failed to d...

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