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Mar a chaidh dha leth-amadan sa chùirt., October 1958

Track ID : 40374

Contributors : MacDonald, Peggy (4884)

How a simpleton fared in court. A simpleton had to take an oath in Lochmaddy court, but didn't know how. The sheriff told him to repeat what he said. He took this literally and repeated everything...

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Thuirt Aonghas Òg, a bha beò gu aois 97, ri coimhearsnach a..., November 1952

Track ID : 71703

An anecdote showing the wit of Aonghas Òg, who lived to the age of 97.

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Flùr nan Cailin, 20 March 1960

Track ID : 45305

This song is addressed to a girl of matchless beauty, character and bloodline, who appears to be living in Liverpool and who is most sincerely loved and missed by the composer.

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Mar a fhuair boireannach cuidhteas mnathan Dùn Bhuilg., September 1958

Track ID : 39692

Contributors : MacDonald, Peggy (4884)

How a woman got rid of the women of Dùn Bhuilg. A woman who was carding wool said that if the women of Dùn Bhuilg [fairies] were there, they would soon finish the job. Four of them appeared and sh...

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A' dèanamh strùan air Là Fhèill Mìcheil., September 1958

Track ID : 39694

Contributors : MacDonald, Peggy (4884)

Making Michaelmas cake. The contributor's mother used to make a Michaelmas cake for everybody in the house. If one broke, it brought bad luck. Her brother's cake broke once and he was dead within ...

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Tòimhseachan: Chan eil e a-staigh 's chan eil e a-muigh 's c..., September 1958

Track ID : 39714

Contributors : Cameron, Angus (5004)

Riddle: It's neither inside nor outside and the house cannot do without it. Answer: Smoke.

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Chuala Mi Do Ghlaodh sa Bhruthach, March 1963

Track ID : 28457

This is a fragment from a song which tells of a murder. The song is sometimes attributed to a fairy woman, whose mortal lover has been killed.

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Rud iongantach a thachair aig bàs Iain Dhuibh Mhùideirt., May 1954

Track ID : 29882

Contributors : MacEachen, Donald (4410)

Strange occurrence at Iain Dubh MacDonald of Moidart's death. Iain Dubh MacDonald of Moidart was dying in Rum. His cousin, Ranald MacDonald of Morar, was so strong he could stop a mill wheel with ...

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Disathairne Ghabh Mi Mulad, October 1967

Track ID : 25620

This waulking song, as sung here, has three sections. In the first, the composer describes her sadness which began on Saturday. She seems to be referring to the death of a loved one. The second sec...

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'S Muladach Mi An-diugh am Bràigh a' Ghlinne, October 1967

Track ID : 25712

In the opening lines of this song, the poetess regrets that the cattle are going to be moved. The remaining lines tell how she went out without shoes, a coat or a plaid. She tells how she arrived a...

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