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Hò ra hù a Nighean Dubh Nighean Donn, February 1953

Track ID : 2032

In this waulking song, a sailor expresses the hope that his beloved will not take the tailor, the shoemaker, the shepherd or the herdsman.

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An Cùl Bachallach, February 1953

Track ID : 2036

This love song from Skye was composed by a woman known as Beathag Mhòr who fell in love with a member of the gentry generally known by his Gaelic title 'Màrtainn a' Bhealaich'. Beathag had two sons...

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Tha na fèidh am Bràigh Ùige, February 1953

Track ID : 2044

This little song is a lament by a woman for the death of a man she describes as a hunter.

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'S an Cuala Sibh mar a Mheall i mi?, February 1953

Track ID : 2046

In this song the poet tells how he met a beautiful girl who, like him, was working at the manse. He fell deeply in love with her. Unfortunately, she deceived him and abandoned him for a man with mo...

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'S nuair a thèid mi chun a' chladaich, February 1953

Track ID : 2048

This song is a lament for a sailor called Calum whose sailing ship was sunk. The composer describes her loneliness when she sees other men of his age at church. She tells how the subject had come t...

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On a Tha Mi Sgìth Trom Airtnealach, February 1953

Track ID : 3549

In this love song a girl tells how she lay with her lover, though she was not betrothed to him and did not have her father's approval. The man seems to have been one of the nobility. He has deserte...

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Beathag Mhòr nan Dreasachan, February 1953

Track ID : 3556

This is a dance tune from Skye.

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Falbhaidh Mise 's Padra Mòr, February 1953

Track ID : 3564

This is a dance tune in strathspey time. Mrs Arnott tells how the song was composed by a man known as Eòghann Fìdhlear, for Pàdraig Mòr, her great-grandfather on her mother's side of the family. Pà...

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Ailein Duinn Nach Till Thu An Taobh Seo, February 1953

Track ID : 3598

This waulking song describes an incident in an encounter between the MacDonalds and the Martins of Trotternish.

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Gaol nam Fear Dubha, February 1953

Track ID : 3604

This is a woman's love song from Skye.

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