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Am fear a chuala guthan nuair a mharbh e fiadh., 25 May 1952

Track ID : 22911

The man who heard voices when he shot a deer. A man shot a strange deer up Glen Nevis, on air Meall a' Mhaoim near Coire a' Mhùsgain Mhunnsgan, and decided to take only the head home. A voice told...

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Fear a phòs maighdeann-mhara., 25 May 1952

Track ID : 1345

A man who married a mermaid. A man at Kessock near Inverness found a mermaid asleep and hid her skin. They married and had a son. Her son later found the skin and gave it back to her. She went bac...

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Boireannach a rinn corp-crèadha air cumadh balach nach pòsad..., 25 May 1952

Track ID : 1347

A woman made a clay corpse of a boy who wouldn't marry her daughter. A woman who couldn't get a boy to marry her daughter made a 'corp-crèadha' [clay-corpse] of him stuck with nails. She left it i...

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Mar a rinn Deòrsa Bochanan an gnothach sa chùirt le peasair., 25 May 1952

Track ID : 1350

How George Buchanan used peas to win a court case for a poor man. A poor man was charged for boiled eggs at their value if they had hatched and the chickens kept for a year. He was taken to court ...

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Deòrsa Bochanan air a bhith mì-mhodhail ris an rìgh., 25 May 1952

Track ID : 1352

George Buchanan being cheeky to the king. The king found a beautiful flower, put his hat over it, and went to fetch the queen. When he came back, George Buchanan had left his excrement there. The ...

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Tha am fiosraiche a' mìneachadh cuid de na faclan anns na h-..., July 1961

Track ID : 64787

The contributor explains some of the words that he uses in his songs.

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Sheall Seòras Bochanan a thòn dhan rìgh., 22 November 1953

Track ID : 51627

George Buchanan showed the king his backside. After George Buchanan had been impudent to the king, the king told him he did not want to see his face again. The next time he saw the king he lifted ...

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Tha am fiosraiche ag innse mu obair agus a theaghlach., 22 November 1953

Track ID : 51653

The contributor tells about his employment and family.

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Chaidh Màiri nighean Alasdair Ruaidh a thiodhlacadh ann an R..., 1961

Track ID : 57907

Mary MacLeod was buried in Rodel in Harris with her face placed downwards, as she had requested.

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Loch Ma Ruibhe agus mar a chaidh ainmeachadh., 22 November 1953

Track ID : 51377

Loch Maree and how it got its name. Loch Maree got its name from St Maol Ruanaidh, who came over from Ireland, AD 671. There are many islands on Loch Maree. He built a church on Eilean Màiri. A sp...

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