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Mo Shùil Silteach Mo Chridhe Trom, July 1965

Track ID : 105779

This is a waulking song with a love theme. A woman tells of her sadness as the man she loved has departed on a masted ship. The boat in which he sailed has a cargo of gold and silver belonging to t...

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Duan na Ceàrdaich, March 1953

Track ID : 4472

This Ossianic Ballad tells how Fionn MacCumhail and his men took Fionn's magic sword, 'Mac an Luinn', to an enchanted smithy to be re-tempered. They followed the smith to the smithy, where there we...

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Mo Nighean Chruinn Donn air Bharraibh nan Tonn, 1963

Track ID : 78837

In this waulking-song, a man tells of going night-visiting, and the many obstacles he faced. He had to escape in a hurry and left his trousers behind. He advises other young men to wear the kilt wh...

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Tha Mulad Tha Mulad, Tha Leann-dubh Orm Buan, c. November 1963

Track ID : 79135

In this waulking song the author says that she will not climb the hills. She is not lamenting her friend or her lover. She is lamenting her brother who has drowned and who is amongst the seaweed. H...

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Shuidh Mi air Cnocan an t-Siùil, c. November 1963

Track ID : 79171

This is a waulking song with three sections. In the first, the author lights a fire and describes three people who are coming. In the second, the composer describes sitting on a high mound in a cat...

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Nighean Chruinn Donn Dut is Èibhinn, c. November 1963

Track ID : 79172

In this waulking song, a girl addresses a brown-haired girl who is of nobility, and is fortunate to have many young men in attendance. The one to win her affections is a sea-farer who is the son of...

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'S Muladach Mi 's Mi air M' Aineoil Hillean ò rò bha hò, c. November 1963

Track ID : 79123

This waulking song has been sung in four sections. In the first, a woman describes being alone on an island with two children. Her husband is dead. The second section contains the puzzling lines ab...

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Hill-iù-an Hill-eò-an, c. July 1964

Track ID : 86294

The contributor tells how this little song was composed on the threshold by Mary MacLeod (Màiri nighean Alasdair Ruaidh), the 17th century Skye poetess, after she was banned from composing any song...

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'S Moch An-diugh a Rinn Mi Gluasad, c. July 1964

Track ID : 86300

In this waulking song, a girl tells of her sadness, as she climbs the gloomy mountain. The man she loved has deserted her. She describes him as a noble, and praises his skill as a hunter.

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Chaidh Mi 'n Tràigh a Dhèanamh Maoraich, 1963

Track ID : 78871

In the earlier section of this waulking-song, the composer describes a boat. Four men are pulling on the oars, and one is baling, and at the stern there is a woman in great distress. The song goes...

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