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Thug na sìthichean croit bho aon duine agus chuir iad air du..., September 1958

Track ID : 68103

The fairies removed one man's hump and put it on another humpbacked man. A man went to get something for the New Year. He saw a fairy knoll open and went inside. The fairies were dancing and singi...

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Chunnaic seanair an fhiosraiche sìthiche., September 1958

Track ID : 68104

The contributor's grandfather saw a fairy. The contributor's grandfather thought he saw a fairy. There was a knoll in Howmore and he saw a girl in a green dress with a wooden pail. She spoke to hi...

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Mar a thionndaidh èisg Alasdair Mhòir gu ùir., September 1958

Track ID : 68106

How Alasdair Mòr's fish turned to dirt. Alasdair Mòr mac Iain Làidir was fishing. Another man said it was time to share his catch, but Alasdair said there were plenty more fish in the river. When ...

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Na bràithrean agus an ulaidh., 20 July 1959

Track ID : 34702

The brothers and the treasure. A man heard someone saying a rhyme inside a rock. The stone rolled back and two giants came out of a cave. The man outside went in and found a cave full of treasure....

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Shàbhail cù dubh Mhic a' Phì a mhaighstir an dèidh do bhana-..., 29 September 1958

Track ID : 39544

MacPhee's black dog saved its master's life after witches killed his four sons. MacPhee had four sons and a black dog that refused to heed commands. The four sons had their throats cut in a sheili...

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Cleachdaidhean Callainn., September 1958

Track ID : 39693

Verses, sheep's tail candle, cairn of curses and other Hogmanay customs. The boys went from door to door reciting verses at Hogmanay. The contributor recites one. Bannocks were made for them and t...

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Fionn agus an Deud-fios., 19 September 1958

Track ID : 38842

Fionn and the Tooth of Knowledge. Fionn was fishing one day when he was a youngster and he saw an Englishman fishing. He wasn't catching anything and the man said to try casting a line on his luck...

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A' leigheas barra-chinn., 19 September 1958

Track ID : 38844

Curing barra-chinn. Children used to get barra-chinn. One of the contributor's daughters had this while they were living in Tiree. A woman put her finger in the girl's mouth three times a week and...

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Mar a rinneadh na b' fheàrr mart air an do laigh an droch-shùil., 19 September 1958

Track ID : 38853

How a cow with the evil eye was cured. A girl from Gairloch told the contributor that there was something wrong with one of their cows. The contributor told her that someone must have put the evil...

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Mar a chuidich Fear Stadhlaigearraidh boireannach gus a pàis..., October 1958

Track ID : 40335

How Fear Stadhlaigearraidh helped a woman to get her real baby back from the fairies. The fairies used to steal children. A woman came home to find the baby in the cradle crying incessantly. She t...

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