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Mar a tha am muir saillte., c. November 1964

Track ID : 110295

Why the sea became salty. At Easter time, a crofter by the name of Donald went to buy some ham. After the purchase, he was travelling home when he met a fairy. The fairy wished to exchange the ham...

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Dithis ag iarraidh fearann., c. November 1964

Track ID : 110312

Two men who requested land. When a piece of land became vacant, an old man and a young man wanted to get it. They went to Askernish House, and were told that the first one to arrive at the ruin on...

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An t-uachdaran agus mac a' ghàirnealair., 19 December 1959

Track ID : 37704

The landowner gave the gardener's son three tasks which he must achieve or lose his life. When a gardener's son took to thieving, the landowner banished him. He returned a year later, admitting th...

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Mar a chuir Corra-chriosag an t-eagal air robairean., 19 December 1959

Track ID : 37948

The lady who frightened the robbers by wearing a cow's stomach. A certain lady called Corra-chriosag was married to an old man named Plocan an Ruamhair. He killed a cow and salted it. She, unbekno...

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Thuirt sagart ri duine gun dèanadh e radan dheth mura sguire..., 12 December 1959

Track ID : 38651

The drunkard who thought that the priest would turn him into a rat. There was a drunkard who never left any money for his wife and children to live on. The priest told him that he would turn him i...

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Sgeulachd mu dheidhinn fear a cheannsaich a dhroch bhean agu..., 10 December 1959

Track ID : 38591

A story about a man who disciplined his bad wife and, in turn, her mother, who was bad to her own husband.

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Ó Conaill agus an t-òstair., 1959

Track ID : 30529

How a lawyer got his own back on a hotel-keeper. A lawyer by the name of O'Connell once stayed at a hotel. When paying the bill, the hotel-keeper overcharged him, and they fell out. O'Connell met ...

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An t-amadan agus nighean an rìgh., 1959

Track ID : 32741

The fool and the king's daughter. A king promised his daughter in marriage to whoever could make her laugh three times. A widow's half-witted son, Iain, was given a cow by his uncle, and he decide...

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Fear a chuir cruidhean air bana-bhuidseach., 14 June 1958

Track ID : 32849

The man who put horseshoes on a witch. A farmhand always found he was more tired when he woke than he was when he went to bed, even though he had fallen asleep immediately. Another farmhand slept ...

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Iain mac Alasdair is am fear a leig air gun robh e marbh., 14 June 1958

Track ID : 32353

Iain mac Alasdair and the man who pretended to be dead. Iain mac Alasdair stopped at inn on way to Falkirk with cattle. He stopped for the night, but was pursued by two riders. He went to a cottag...

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