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Dh'Fhalbh Mo Rùn Bhon Chala, 21 November 1975

Track ID : 95194

In this song a woman is sad because her beloved has left her and married another.

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Tha Cùl Buidhe Dualach, 24 November 1975

Track ID : 95196

This is a love song in which a man praises the beauty of the woman he loves.

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Air Fail Il Oro 's Mo Mhàiri Bhàn, 24 November 1975

Track ID : 95197

In this love song the bard is praising his beloved, fair-haired Mary.

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O hi ri ho rath ill o, 27 November 1975

Track ID : 95199

In this song the bard says that his heart is heavy because of the young girls.

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E Ho Nighean Hao O Nighean, 27 November 1975

Track ID : 95200

In this love song a man is praising a woman. He is sad that they are no longer together.

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Ho Mo Leannan He Mo Leannan, 27 November 1975

Track ID : 95202

In this song a woman is praising a man. She says that he is a good singer and that he is handsome. She then says that she is sad because he has left her.

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Dhèanainn Sùgradh ris an Nighinn Duibh, 27 November 1975

Track ID : 95203

In this song the composer says that he would have fun with the black-haired girl. He then praises her beauty. The "girl" is a boat.

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Òran an t-Sealgair, 14 August 1975

Track ID : 95420

In this song a hunter is being praised.

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Faidhir an t-Seasgainn, 28 August 1973

Track ID : 109150

A humorous song about a horse the bard got at Shiskine Fair in Arran.

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Air Madainn Mhoich 's na Speuran Ciùin, 31 August 1973

Track ID : 109156

A song in which Young John is taken on a tour of the natural environment by a fairy woman.

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