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Im ba him bo Chailleach, November 1955

Track ID : 50482

A short example of a song for working with sowens.

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Am Bainne Cho Tiugh ris a' Bhlàthaich, November 1955

Track ID : 50484

A mouth music song about an old woman, Cailleach Uilleim Mhòir, and her dairy products. She sang a rhyme which Fionn used to recite.

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Aodaichean nigh'n, November 1955

Track ID : 50486

A fragment of a dance tune.

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Dh'Fhalbh Mòr Againn Fhìn, November 1955

Track ID : 50487

First section of a vocal dance tune in the form of a reel.

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Bràth, Bràth, Bleith ó, November 1955

Track ID : 50649

Quern song. A bannock will be baked if the grain is ground. Only three lines of the song are sung in this fragment.

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Slan gu Faicear Raghnall Òg, November 1955

Track ID : 50645

The bard tells of his hopes for young Ronald (MacDonald). He also praises John of Moidart.

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Nuair Théid Raghnall Òg le Bhrataich, November 1955

Track ID : 50646

The informant tells that this is a song about Clan Ranald. It is a song in praise of young Ronald (MacDonald).

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Cha Labhair Mi an t-Òran, 1954

Track ID : 44360

At the beginning of this waulking song, a woman tells of her sadness, as she cannot see her lover. The other lines sung here are composed by a man. In these, he praises the beauty of a woman he loves.

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A Mhurchaidh Bhig, 1954

Track ID : 44362

This waulking song has a number of unrelated sections. It begins with a section about little Murdo, a contentious fellow. A passage follows in which there are references to a well of wine from whic...

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'Ille Dhuinn Bhòidhich, 1954

Track ID : 44366

In this waulking song a woman states that she misses her lover. She carries a letter from him in her pocket. In the final couplets, a man tells how he and the other soldiers were to march to a part...

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