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Ach 'illean Biomaid Sunndach, April 1951

Track ID : 34985

This is an emigrant song. The chorus states that those on board the ship have left as they could not scrape a living. There was a storm as the boat sailed past Greenock and Catrìona felt homesick. ...

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O Hù o Hó gum b' Èibhinn Leam, April 1951

Track ID : 34987

This song tells of an incident involving a boat. Those on board seem to have been unsure of their course.

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O Banais Eilidh agus É Banais Fhionnlaigh, April 1951

Track ID : 33888

This is the first section of a port-à-beul about the wedding of Eilidh and Finlay. It is a reel.

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O Ri Ho Ro agus Ho Ro is Beag Orm, April 1951

Track ID : 33890

This is a local song. The composer tells of leaving Ormaclete in windy weather. He states in the chorus that he does not like to visit Flora.

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Gur Mis' tha fo Mhulad mu Thuras Ia' Ruaidh, April 1951

Track ID : 33891

In this fragment of a song, the composer is sad about red-haired Iain's journey on the hunter's black horse.

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Ma tha Bean a Dhìth Oirbh, April 1951

Track ID : 33893

In this port-à-beul in strathspey time the composer says that if you are looking for a wife Donald Darroch has a fine daughter.

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Mo Chridhe Cho Trom Ho Ro Ho Gu, April 1951

Track ID : 33894

This humorous song tells about the fire going out when Catrìona nighean Dhòmhnaill 'ic Iain Bhàin, was in hospital. She met Iain Mac an Tàilleir (Iain, son of the tailor), who asked why the fire ha...

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Chunna Mi san Dùn Thu, April 1951

Track ID : 33950

This is a port-à-beul addressed to the daughter of a noble. She was seen in Dunvegan with MacLeod. It is a reel.

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A Fhleasgaich Òig nach Truagh leat Mi, April 1951

Track ID : 33951

In this waulking song, the composer asks if a young man has any pity for her. She is pregnant, and her family have rejected her. She states that she would willingly bear the young man's children, a...

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Tha Mi Suarach Umad An-diugh, April 1951

Track ID : 33955

In the chorus of this song, the composer expresses his disdain for the woman whom he used to love. At one time he could not live without her, but that has now changed.

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