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Prògram Choinnich, 14 November 2000, 14 November 2000

Track ID : 29730

Discussion about bridge and other card games. Iain Kennedy and Malcolm Campbell discuss the appeal of bridge and the skills required. Calum explains the rules. There are books explaining the diff...

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Prògram Choinnich - Prògram na Drochaid, 16 October 1995, 16 October 1995

Track ID : 39782

The work of the church in the present day. Rev. Iain Ferguson gives his opinions on the work of the church in the present day, on the occasion of the opening of the Skye Bridge. He likens churches...

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Am Fear a Chaill a Leannan, 02 August 1988

Track ID : 67697

A song of unrequited love in which a man loses his fiancé to a red-haired man. People tease him about it and he vows he will get revenge.

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Rìgh nan Dùl, October 1964

Track ID : 73192

In this song the author asks God to keep him sane because he is so upset and confused. His mother told him to go to shoot a duck but his darling was there and he shot her by mistake. He says that h...

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Bu chaomh leam bhith mireadh, October 1964

Track ID : 73181

In this song the bard says that he would like to be courting the brown-haired girl. She says she is young and not well-off. He replies that they would have a joyful wedding with lots of music if sh...

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Prògram Choinnich, 03 August 1995, 03 August 1995

Track ID : 5590

Report on a Portree group's attempt to row on rowing machines for 24 hours to raise money for the group WaterAid. The Rev. John Ferguson reports from Portree where a group of thirty hope to row on...

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Dealan-dè, 09 May 1991, 10 May 1991

Track ID : 97539

The evangelist Billy Graham links with Skye. There will be a live link between the evangelist Billy Graham in Glasgow and a gathering of people in the Isle of Skye. Information on why this was org...

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Prògram Choinnich, 25 August 1997, 25 August 1997

Track ID : 10053

John Alick MacPherson discusses his four favourite books.

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Ma Phòsas Mi Tè Idir Cha Ghabh Mi Tè Mhòr, 1978

Track ID : 89428

A humorous song about a bachelor's reluctance to wed. He won't marry a large woman, or one who argues with him.

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Mo Rùn a' Chruinneag, 1978

Track ID : 89430

A man's love song to the young maiden of the fold. He sees her at the sheiling in the glen. She is the most beautiful girl, with a graceful nature.

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