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Leigheas air leanabh a rugadh gun anail., 12 February 1953

Track ID : 2660

The contributor recounts the method used by a midwife to revive babies that were born not breathing.

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Leigheas air siatag agus a leithid., 12 February 1953

Track ID : 2661

A cure for rheumatism and other similar ailments. The contributor explains that a 'ballan' was used to cure rheumatism and similar elements. It was a piece of hollow wood that was placed on the af...

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Rudan a bh' air am bacadh., 12 February 1953

Track ID : 2662

It was once taboo to cut one's own hair, or to hold scissors or shears above one's own breath.

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An feadhainn a fhuair an t-uisge-beatha air ais bho na gàids..., 12 March 1953

Track ID : 74693

The men who reclaimed their whisky from the gaugers. Some men were caught with whisky by the gaugers. The gaugers confiscated the casks and went to house where they were to spend the night. The me...

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Dithis shagart., 1972

Track ID : 72023

What happened when two clergymen agreed that one of them would return from the dead. Two clergymen agreed that the first one to die would come back and tell the other one how he was getting on. On...

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A detailed description of drùilleanan: a game similar to marbles., 11 March 1953

Track ID : 8009

A detailed description of drùilleanan, a game similar to marbles.

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Cluich cloinne: drùilleanan., 1960

Track ID : 75586

A description of drùilleanan: a game similar to marbles. A description of a children's game, similar to marbles, which was played with small round stones found on the shore. The contributor played...

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Am fear ann an Ceap Breatainn a bha air chall., March 1953

Track ID : 2635

How a man in Cape Breton who was lost was guided home by a stranger. A man in Cape Breton went for a walk and got lost in a wood. After several days he came to a loch with a headland jutting out i...

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Rabhadh a fhuair bean a bha a' tuireadh, 's a leanabh air bàsachadh., March 1953

Track ID : 2638

Warning to a distraught mother who had lost her child. A woman lost a child and cried excessively. On the day of the funeral, she stood crying in the room where the coffin had lain. Then she felt ...

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Naidheachd mun bhàrd Dòmhnall MacCudhain., March 1953

Track ID : 2647

Biographical anecdote about the bard Dòmhnall MacCudhain. Dòmhnall MacCudhain was very sharp-witted. A man at the Portree fair once commented to him on a queer looking cow: "Nach e a' bhò ud a tha...

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