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Clann Nìll agus a' Bhìrlinn san Stoirm, 03 January 1950

Track ID : 22577

MacNeil of Barra would often go raiding. On one unsuccessful raid, a great storm overtook their ship, and it was through sheer determination and hardiness that they managed to ride the storm. They ...

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Air fail ill o ro, 's a Fhleasgaich Bhàin, 05 December 1963

Track ID : 97238

This is a song by a peasant girl who loves a man who belongs to the landed gentry. Others have warned her about him, but she cannot sleep as she is thinking about him. She is hurt, however, by the ...

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Chuir Mo Leannan Cùl Rium Fhèin, 21 March 1965

Track ID : 96881

The composer is depressed as the girl he loved has left him. He has heard she has married someone else. He says women deceive young men and cannot be trusted. They will see another man and transfer...

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Bheirinn Dhut Iasg, Bheirinn Dhut Iasg, 21 March 1965

Track ID : 96884

A song of the supernatural. It is supposedly composed by a water-horse, who is pleading with a woman to return to her son. He is the father of the child.

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Hiri Horo Mo Nìghneag, 14 May 1965

Track ID : 96890

The poet thinks of his love for a woman when he was young. She has married one of the MacLean family, but the poet wishes that she had married him. He describes his love for her, in various ways.

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Diluain a Ghluais i A-mach à Cluaidh, 14 May 1965

Track ID : 96893

In this song a sailor is thinking of the girl he left behind. He fears she may have gone with another man, but he ends the song feeling confident that he can find another girl who is just as suitable.

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Ho Mo Ghiullan Gaolach Thu, April 1951

Track ID : 35107

This is a lullaby in which a mother tells of her lack of strength to put her child to bed. Her husband is out enjoying himself. She is in the graveyard.

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A' chuibheall-shnìomha., 09 August 1951

Track ID : 35280

The spinning-wheel. In earlier times, people made a lot of cloth. There was a spinning-wheel and a loom in almost every house. The wool had to be washed, dried, combed and carded before it was spu...

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Acfhainn an eich agus a' phlàt-fheamann., 09 August 1951

Track ID : 35275

Horse's harness and the pack-saddle pad. The contributor gives a description of a horse's harness, and especially how the pack-saddle pad was made. It was made of woven rope. Occasionally, rope wa...

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Dùn Bhuirgh na Theine, 29 July 1957

Track ID : 51723

A wife from Borve was making tweed, but had so much to do that she asked the fairies to help her. One by one, the old ladies came to the house and started to card, spin, etc. The woman had to keep ...

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