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The Mason's Apron/The Kilt is my Delight, 11 February 1956

Track ID : 1415

Two reels played on the fiddle: 'The Mason's Apron' and 'The Kilt is my Delight'.

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Ballochyle, 11 February 1956

Track ID : 1420

The 6/8 pipe march 'Ballochyle' played on the fiddle.

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The Jig of Slurs, 11 February 1956

Track ID : 1399

This is 'The Jig of Slurs' played on the fiddle.

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The Flowers of Edinburgh/Loch Leven Castle, 11 February 1956

Track ID : 1439

Two reels played on the fiddle. The first tune is 'The Flowers of Edinburgh' and the second is 'Loch Leven Castle'.

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Nicky Tams, 1954

Track ID : 2342

A comic bothy ballad in which a ploughman describes his appreciation for his 'nicky tams' [leather thongs worn around the knees].

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Forfar Sodger, 1954

Track ID : 2343

Peninsular War song in which a Forfar man enlists in the army to escape poverty and is sent to battle. He is shot in the leg, leaving him lame, but he manages to return home and live off his army p...

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Fairbairn's Strathspey/John MacNeil's Reel, 1954

Track ID : 2344

A strathspey and reel played on the fiddle. The tunes are 'Fairbairn's Strathspey' and 'John MacNeil's Reel'.

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O Haud Yer Tongue, Dear Sally, 1954

Track ID : 2346

Unhappy marriage song in which the singer wishes she had a younger man, penniless if need be, rather than her wealthy husband. Her hopes are fulfilled when her husband dies and she finds a young ma...

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Lichtbob's Lassie, 1954

Track ID : 2357

In this song, a young woman tells how she is known for her love of the 'lichtbobs' [light infantrymen]. She will have the 'dyster' [dyer] dye her petticoats red and yellow [the colour of the soldie...

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The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No, 1954

Track ID : 2361

In this song, a man meets a young woman and the two spend the night drinking in a tavern, after which they retire together. In the morning, she tells the man to pay the bill with money from her pur...

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