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Clann-nighean an sgadain., August 1970

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Life as a herring girl. The contributor tells about the time she was at the herring gutting in Yarmouth and a little about the clothing worn. She couldn't eat the food she was given, except for pa...

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Boireannach a' toirt an toraidh bhon chrodh., 12 September 1955

Track ID : 1172

Stealing profit from cattle. It was believed that a certain woman in the contributor's district had the power of stealing the profit from cattle. She always had plenty of butter, curd-butter, and ...

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Nuair a bhiodh daoine a' coiseachd dhan a h-uile h-àite., 12 September 1955

Track ID : 1175

When people walked everywhere. The contributor speaks of a time when people walked everywhere, or rode on horseback. One time, the contributor's father walked thirty miles to Ullapool to get medic...

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Leigheasan., 12 September 1955

Track ID : 1176

Cures. The old folk had a knowledge of making cures. The contributor once saw someone making a cure for a boil. Soap, sugar, and pulverised dock-leaf was used to bring the boil to a head. For a sp...

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Dathadh., 12 September 1955

Track ID : 1177

Dyeing. Plant were used to dye cloth. Heather was boiled to produce a blue dye, and lichen gave a yellow dye. Soot and seaweed were also used to give colour.

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Creideamhan iasgach., 12 September 1955

Track ID : 1178

Fishing taboos. There was a taboo prevalent in the Highlands at one time that, if one was going out to sea, clothes that had been dyed with lichen would not be worn. They feared that if someone fe...

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Cleachdaidhean timcheall air breith chloinne., 12 September 1955

Track ID : 1179

Childbirth customs. During a woman's confinement, the other women round about came with food, milk, and so on. They cleaned the house and looked after the other children. It was deemed lucky to gi...

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Cleachdadh aig àm bàis., 12 September 1955

Track ID : 1180

Death custom. When someone died, each man in the township brought a creel of peats to the house. The contributor has seen this himself.

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Bochdainn., 12 September 1955

Track ID : 1181

Poverty. The contributor can remember people dying in poverty in his youth. There was no provision made for widows and orphans in his father's time. Nevertheless, there was more contentment in tho...

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Biadh sna seann làithean., 12 September 1955

Track ID : 1182

Food in the old days. In the old days there was plenty of white fish and herring. Potatoes were usually plentiful, along with oatmeal. The beginning of spring was a time of scarcity. The Highland ...

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