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An Cuala Sibh mun Chruinneachadh, 1953

Track ID : 980

A humorous macaronic song about a gathering or ball. Many important people were in attendance. A local worthy was acting as the butler and Catriona was the cook, serving exotic poultry from foreign...

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Tha Mi Tinn 's Mo Chridhe fo Leòn, 1953

Track ID : 982

A man's love song for the girl he left behind when he set off to sea. He often looks west, to where the sun sets. He laments that he wasn't on the beach by the roaring sea, listening to the soft wo...

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B' e Siud an Obair Aingidh, 1953

Track ID : 986

A humorous song about bringing home the peat. The bard teases the womenfolk for not helping him bring home the peats, and laments that he was not younger and more able for the task. He praises peat...

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Sìne Bhàn, 1953

Track ID : 990

A man's love song for the girl whom he is leaving behind, when setting off to go to war.

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O 'S Fhada Bhuainn Anna, August 1970

Track ID : 1595

In this waulking song, the composer wishes for four fair youths who would sail to Uist. Anna is said to have refused the son of the tacksman of Berneray.

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Call na h-Iolaire, 23 September 1955

Track ID : 1161

A song about the loss of the ship Iolaire.

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'S Minig a Bha Mi mun Bhuideal

Track ID : 1163

A drinking song.

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Thoir Leat mo Dhùrachd Chun na h-Àird., 23 September 1955

Track ID : 1167

A man's love song.

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'S Mas Fheudar Dhomh, Nì Mi Duanag., 23 September 1955

Track ID : 1185

In this song the bard says that he or she will go to the cattlefold to milk the cattle. He would get warm milk from the pail, and would not be tired or hungry.

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A Mhàiri 's na hò a gò., 23 September 1955

Track ID : 1187

A man's love song. The bard asks what he will do if he cannot get Mary. She has gone to Canada.

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