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Obair dachaigh air a' chroit., 1970

Track ID : 68218

Crofting chores. Discussion about morning chores on the croft. The cows were milked and sometimes the sheep if the cows were dry. A few people kept goats. Mention of resting the peat fires at nigh...

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A' dol dhan sgoil ann am Miughalaigh., June 1960

Track ID : 52994

Attending school in Mingulay. The contributor attended school in Mingulay from the age of seven or eight. It wasn't compulsory. They attended school from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. They left at the age ...

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Mo Dhòmhnallan Fhèin, 19 March 1989

Track ID : 80005

This song is a woman's love song. She sits alone thinking of Donald who has made her sad. Her parents told her she was silly to love a sailor, but even if she got a wealthy man Donald is special to...

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Dà chridhe luaidhe air an ceangal ri chèile., March 1955

Track ID : 29029

Two lead hearts tied together. Some woman found two lead hearts tied together inside a girl's pocket. They were thrown out. This killed the love between the girl and her sweetheart.

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Dh'fhairtlich air maor iasgair a chur às an fhearann., 18 August 1959

Track ID : 47936

A bailiff's unsuccessful attempt to evict a skilled fisherman. Colonel Gordon's bailiff unsuccessfully tried to evict Donald for being such a skilled fisherman. One day, the colonel and the bailif...

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Banais ann am Miughalaigh., June 1960

Track ID : 52983

The contributor gives a detailed account of a wedding she attended in Mingulay.

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Mar a bhiodh muinntir Mhiughalaigh a' glacadh pheataichean., June 1960

Track ID : 58379

How the people of Mingulay caught seabirds. The Mingulay islanders used different methods for catching seabirds. 'Stearadh' involved knocking down the birds with long sticks, as they flew against ...

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Am fear-paca a chaidh a mhurt., March 1955

Track ID : 29001

The packman who was murdered. An Irish packman was murdered in Gisla, Lewis, by a local man who wanted his wife. He was buried in Feannag a' Chlàrsair. The contributor heard this from John MacDo...

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Na balaich à Ùig a chaidh a mhurt an Loch Sìophort., March 1955

Track ID : 29014

The Uig men who were murdered at Loch Seaforth. Some men from Uig were shipwrecked and murdered at Loch Seaforth. Their fate was revealed in verse in a dream that the fiancé of one of them had. Th...

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Òran an t-Sìthiche, 31 May 1967

Track ID : 51402

In a dream a fairy woman appears to the bard. She is exceptionally beautiful but very practical in that she intends to help him with his croft work. She gifts him a magic stick/staff, of Eastern or...

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