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Seanfhacal mun t-sìde., April 1977

Track ID : 12772

A weather proverb and belief. "Gealach ùr Aoine, gabhaidh i an caoch trì uairean." A new moon on a Friday means bad weather. Friday is generally thought to be unlucky, possibly because it is conn...

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Seanfhacal mu chomhairle., April 1977

Track ID : 12777

A proverb regarding advice. "Is iomadh duine a thug deagh chomhairle do dhuine eile, agus droch fhear dha fhèin."

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Seanfhacal: "Sùilean ghobhar an ceann nam fear a' dol a thad..., April 1977

Track ID : 12779

A proverb: "Sùilean ghobhar an ceann nam fear a' dol a thadhal nam ban."

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Seanfhacal: "Tagh nighean na deagh mhàthair ged a b' e an cù..., April 1977

Track ID : 12780

A proverb: "Tagh nighean na deagh mhàthair ged a b' e an cù a b' athair dhi."

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Seanfhacal: "Mìos Faoillich; trì latha Gearrain; seachdain s..., April 1977

Track ID : 12782

Proverb: "Mìos Faoillich; trì latha Gearrain; seachdain sguabaig - suas an t-Earrach."

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Seanfhacal Samhna:, 12 March 1953

Track ID : 8584

Halloween proverb: "Air Oidhche Shamhna canar gamhna ris na laoigh."

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Seanfhacal à Uibhist a Deas mun ghobha, mun t-saor agus mun..., October 1966

Track ID : 107573

A South Uist proverb about the craft of the blacksmith, that of the joiner and that of the bard.

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Am fear a chaill a fhradharc air Latha Naomh Brianain., 20 December 1959

Track ID : 38168

The man who lost his sight on St Brendan's Day. A man went to plough a field on St Brendan's Day whilst his neighbours attended church. He became blind, and never regained his eyesight. The contri...

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Seanfhacal à taobh siar Leòdhais., April 1963

Track ID : 37750

A proverb from the West Side of Lewis. There was an old man from the district who told the young men in the cèilidh house that they should go off the moor to catch a deer, so that they would have ...

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Seanfhacal:, 11 October 1958

Track ID : 36105

Proverb: Is miann le breac a bhith an sruth cas, Is miann le boc a bhith an doire dlùth, Is miann le eilid a bhith am beinn àrd, Is miann le seagair falbh le cù.

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