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Sgeulachd na fallaid., 1969

Track ID : 107285

The woman who had to bake for the fairies. A woman was out tending the cows. She went through a door and found herself in a fairy hill. She was made to bake for the fairies and could not get out u...

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Somhairle Dòmhnallach agus na Lochlannaich., 1969

Track ID : 107292

Contributors : MacIntyre, Michael (4717)

Somhairle MacDonald saved by his son. Somhairle MacDonald (Mac 'Ille Bhrìghde) married the King of Norway's daughter and they had a family. The couple went to Norway to visit the king and took the...

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Mac na banntraich agus am bodach., 1969

Track ID : 107293

Contributors : MacIntyre, Michael (4717)

The widow's son and the old man. A widow's son went off to work for a poor couple. The man had a rich brother in a big house nearby, who gave him no help. The boy went to work for this man. He sto...

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An long a sheòladh air muir 's air tìr., 1969

Track ID : 107295

Contributors : MacIntyre, Michael (4717)

The boat that would sail on land and sea. A man could marry a girl when he found a boat that would go on land and sea. He succeeded, but had further conditions imposed on him by a hen-wife. He sat...

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Am muillear cam agus am balbhan Sasannach., 1969

Track ID : 107296

Contributors : MacIntyre, Michael (4717)

The one-eyed miller and the mute Englishman. MacLeod had to go to England to try to win a bet. He asked a man to accompany him, but he refused. The one-eyed miller offered to go with him. The mill...

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Mar a thug amadan a char à robair., 1969

Track ID : 107300

Contributors : MacIntyre, Michael (4717)

How a fool deceived a robber. A fool went to get money for his master. He took an old horse and a bag with some coppers and nails, etc. He met a robber when he was returning. When he was asked for...

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Conall Gulban., 1969

Track ID : 107302

Contributors : MacIntyre, Michael (4717)

Conall Gulban. The King of Ireland died of a broken heart after the death of his queen, leaving a young son named Conall. The dead king's father succeeded him, and some years later he sent Conall ...

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Eachdraidh na Fèinne., 1969

Track ID : 107304

The history of the Fingalians. The Fingalians originally lived in Ireland. They were very strong. Their chief was Cumhal and they included Ossian, Caoilte, etc. They annoyed the King of Ireland. W...

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Nighean an rìgh a' sàbhaladh a bràithrean a bha fo gheasaibh..., 1969

Track ID : 107307

The king's daughter breaks a spell cast on her three brothers by making them bog-cotton shirts. The king had three sons and one daughter. He remarried when his wife died. The witch called Eachlair...

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Bodach an Ruamhair agus Corra Chriostag., 1969

Track ID : 107312

Contributors : MacInnes, Marion (3766)

Bodach an Ruamhair and Corra Chriostag. Corra Chriostag sifted all the flour away into the wind in order to catch an insect she saw in it. She threw meat to the cabbages when she heard the old man...

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