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Iomradh air fear à Raineach a fhuair biadh bho chailleach gu..., 25 May 1952

Track ID : 1355

Mention of a Rannoch man's clever wording (quatrain) to get food without asking for it.

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An t-amadan a ghoid feur an t-sagairt., 20 August 1953

Track ID : 11042

The fool who stole the priest's hay. A fool was sent to steal the priest's hay. The priest saw him and set light to the bundle which the fool was carrying. The fool fled thinking the Devil had com...

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Bàrd Cheann Loch Iùbh ag aoireadh a' bhàillidh., 11 March 1953

Track ID : 8007

The Bard of Kinlochewe satirising the bailiff. The Bard of Kinlochewe and his father were to be put off their land. The bailiff was coming the following day. The bard composed a satire to him that...

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Boireannach aig an robh comas os-nàdarrach air fear a chumai..., 11 August 1953

Track ID : 5610

A woman prevented MacPhee from sailing by supernatural means. A Colonsay woman prevented MacPhee from sailing by supernatural means, using a clew of wool. His dog caught her and MacPhee was able t...

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Dithis bhreabadairean ann an Tiriodh, Gilleabart agus Coinneach., 1953

Track ID : 3321

Two Tiree weavers, Gilleabart and Coinneach Beag, selling their customers' cloth to make money. Gilleabart and Coinneach Beag are two weavers in Tiree. Instead of returning completed orders for cl...

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Bochanan agus an Cìobair., July 1953

Track ID : 34388

Buchanan and the Shepherd. Buchanan had a bet with an Englishman that there was a shepherd in the Highlands who could speak as many languages as him. He then went to herd sheep for three day and c...

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An feadhainn a fhuair an t-uisge-beatha air ais bho na gàids..., 12 March 1953

Track ID : 74693

The men who reclaimed their whisky from the gaugers. Some men were caught with whisky by the gaugers. The gaugers confiscated the casks and went to house where they were to spend the night. The me...

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Sgeulachd mu nighean a bha ag iarraidh beartas a h-athar-chè..., 1975

Track ID : 62272

A story about a girl seeking her father-in-law's wealth and how things never worked out.

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Bàs Dhiarmaid, September 1958

Track ID : 57566

The contributor tells extracts from the story of Diarmad and recites verses from 'Laoidh Dhiarmaid'.

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Rinn tè an gnothach air an Donas., July 1955

Track ID : 30648

The lady who beat the Devil. The Devil gave a lady a new pair of shoes when she told a childless woman that she would have children if she clipped the hairs which grew from her husband's mole.

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