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Bhith a' Fadadh Teine fo Loch, 1970

Track ID : 34718

This short verse lists things which are impossible.

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Duan Callainn air aithris., 1970

Track ID : 35287

A hogmanay rhyme recited.

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Rann mu ite choilich., 1970

Track ID : 35291

A verse about a cockerel's feather.

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Rann mu ulaidh., 1970

Track ID : 35292

A verse about treasure.

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Gura Mise Tha fo Chràdh, 1970

Track ID : 35294

These verses are from a local homeland song.

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Brà, Brà, Bleith, 1970

Track ID : 35257

A verse about grinding.

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Rann mu dheoch., 1970

Track ID : 35260

A verse about drink.

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Rann mu iomairt agus speilean., 1970

Track ID : 35262

A verse about childhood games (iomairt/speilean).

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Slàn gun Till na dh'Fhalbh, 1970

Track ID : 35270

Words from the song 'Slàn gun till na dh'fhalbh'.

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Duan na Ceàrdaich, October 1962

Track ID : 38021

This Ossianic Ballad tells how Fionn MacCumhail and his men took Fionn's magic sword, 'Mac an Luinn', to an enchanted smithy to be re-tempered. They followed a smith called Lonn Mac Lìobhann to the...

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