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Bhon dh'Fhàg Thu Mi 's Mulad Orm, 1995

Track ID : 101946

A man's love song. His sweetheart has forsaken him because she heard that he had another woman. He explains that he was not serious about this other woman. If he met her in the shop, he would buy h...

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A Ghaoil Leig Dhachaigh gu Mo Mhàthair Mi, 03 January 1954

Track ID : 13399

This song takes the form of a conversation between a girl and a water-horse. The girl is asking him to let her return home to her mother. The water-horse has other ideas. It is clear from the last ...

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Pill iù Pill ill ill ill Eòghainn, November 1965

Track ID : 24917

This tune with vocables was used in a story. It was also said by the contributor to have been used in formal keening for the dead.

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Mo Ghaol Mo Ghràdh Is M' Eudail Thu, November 1965

Track ID : 24920

This is a hymn which tells the story of the birth of Christ.

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O Bà Bà Mo Leanabh, November 1965

Track ID : 24923

This lament, in the form of a lullaby, is attributed to the widow of Gregor MacGregor who was beheaded in 1570. She tells of her grief, as she sings to her child.

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Fhuair Mi Naidheachd As Ùr, November 1965

Track ID : 24898

In this song the poet celebrates the repeal of the laws which forbade the wearing of Highland dress. The Marquis of Graham is praised in the song, as he was largely responsible for their removal fr...

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'S i Mòrag a Rinn a' Bhanais, November 1965

Track ID : 24999

This vocal dance tune tells of Mòrag's famous wedding.

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Nuair a Shuidheas Sinn Socair, November 1965

Track ID : 24906

This is a song in which the poet praises drink.

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Mhoire 'S e Mo Rùn Mo Leanabh, November 1965

Track ID : 24908

These verses praise the infant John of Moidart, and the family from which he came, and look ahead to when he will be a great hero.

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Bà Bà Mo Leanabh Beag, November 1965

Track ID : 25384

This is a lullaby by a mother who fears her child will starve. The song was possibly composed at the time of the famine caused by the potato blight.

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