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Boban Saor agus a mhac a' togail caisteal do Rìgh Lochlainn...., 1970

Track ID : 107370

Boban Saor and his son build a castle for the King of Norway. Boban Saor was a great carpenter. He was married and had one son. When the boy grew up, he was not as able as his father. One day Boba...

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Boban Saor agus a mhac a' togail caisteal do Rìgh Lochlainn...., 1970

Track ID : 107376

Contributors : MacIntyre, Michael (4717)

Boban Saor and his son build a castle for the King of Norway. Boban Saor asked his sons what to do about a noisy stream near the house. One said he would make a wooden wall so as not to hear the s...

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Eòghann Loch Iall agus a' bhana-bhuidseach., 1970

Track ID : 107379

Contributors : MacIntyre, Michael (4717)

Eòghann Loch Iall and the witch. A witch was trying to get rid of Eòghann Loch Iall. When he was on a long journey one day, he saw a witch with a load on her back. He greeted her and told her wher...

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Mar a fhuair an seann saighdear oighreachd an tighearna., 1970

Track ID : 107389

How the old soldier inherited the laird's estate. A former soldier came to town and an old couple let him stay with them. The old man killed his cow for meat. The laird had a fine bullock in a nea...

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Thug tuathanach trì comhairlean do dhuine, a chùm sàbhailte..., 1970

Track ID : 107392

A farmer gave a man three pieces of advice, which kept him safe. A man went to work for a farmer, leaving his wife and son at home. The farmer gave him £1 a year and a pair of shoes. He stayed thr...

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Mar a chaidh Calum Cille a thiodhlacadh ann an Èirinn., 1970

Track ID : 107396

Calum Cille's burial in Ireland. Calum Cille came to Scotland to preach. He asked that when he died his coffin would be put to sea. It came ashore in Ireland. A cow belonging to a local woman foun...

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Fear a chuireadh dhan ghealaich., 1970

Track ID : 107397

The man in the moon. This is a religious legend that says that Mary sent Christ to Joseph with a basket of food. He stopped to rest because the basket was heavy. He saw a man approaching and asked...

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Gille marbh air a thoirt beò le Ìosa Crìosda., 1970

Track ID : 107398

A boy is brought back to life by Jesus. There was a young boy with one of the shepherds on the night Christ was born. Everyone brought something to the baby. The boy had nothing to give, but he pl...

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Oifigeach Dubh Baile Chreathair a fhuair cumhachdan os-nàdar..., 1970

Track ID : 107399

The officer who got powers from the Devil. Oifigeach Dubh Baile Chreathair got supernatural powers from the Devil. On one occasion, he and his men were together in a house. A man came to the door ...

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Thog fear bàta a rachadh air muir agus tìr, agus phòs e nigh..., 1969

Track ID : 107402

A boy built a boat to go on land and sea, and got the King of Ireland's daughter. A king had a son from his first wife. He remarried and had two sons. The King of Ireland had one daughter who was ...

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