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A death warning in a dream., June 1954

Track ID : 2457

A death warning in a dream. The contributor was warned of a cousin's death in a dream. He saw her father, who was long dead, in his death-robes bending over her and her brother, who had died young...

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A supernatural anecdote., June 1954

Track ID : 2458

A supernatural anecdote. A man was attacked by a woman on a hill. He squeezed her tightly, and he was in bed the following day in her home.

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A ghost sighting., June 1954

Track ID : 2460

A ghost sighting. The contributor's grandfather was out fishing one night on Loch nan Uamh with another man. He saw this man's sweetheart sitting beside him in the boat.

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Rabhadh bho na mairbh., June 1954

Track ID : 2466

Warning from the dead. A man's wife died, and he re-married. His second wife ill-treated his son. His first wife met him on the road one day, and told him so.

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Boireannach a chaidh a-steach do shìthean nach fhaigheadh a-..., 20 March 1953

Track ID : 2250

The woman who went into a fairy knoll but could not leave until she baked a chest of meal. A woman went into a fairy knoll but had to bake a chest of meal before she could leave. No matter how muc...

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Mac gòrach na banntraich Sgitheanaich., February 1953

Track ID : 1839

The foolish son of a widow from Skye helped by a ghost to find money. The foolish son of a widow from Skye was looking for a place to spend the night. When he was going to a certain house, he met ...

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Sgeulachd bheag mun àm a bha Gilleasbaig MacIlleathain (Còir..., June 1953

Track ID : 349

The story of Gilleasbaig MacLean (Còirneal na Sgurra) fighting a very strong woman.

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A' bhean-sìthe agus am beathach cruidh., June 1953

Track ID : 374

The fairy woman and the cow. A woman lost a cow, and found it had gone over the cliff. When she found it, a fairy woman was sitting beside it. She advised the woman to eat it.

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Fraoch air tòir dhearcagan airson a leigheas., 24 June 1953

Track ID : 261

Fraoch sent to a certain island to get berries to cure his illness. Fraoch was married to a girl in Tìr a' Ghoill whose mother had a notion for him. He became ill, and his wife's mother said that ...

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Sgeulachd mu each-uisge agus nighean: thug e a-mach gu muir..., 24 June 1953

Track ID : 263

A story about a water-horse and a girl. He takes her out to sea and they both drown.

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