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'S an Cluinn, an Cluinn, an Cluinn Thu Iain, 30 July 1959

Track ID : 106589

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

This is a lullaby with a very simple structure. It begins: "Iain, can you hear it? The cuckoo is in the forest and the night is coming."

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Nam Bu Leam Fhìn Thu, December 1956

Track ID : 106047

A short lullaby sung to a little girl. It is similar to a pibroch song in style.

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Chunnacas na Trì Chalmanan Geala, 1966

Track ID : 81234

Fieldworkers :

Unknown Person

A small fragment of an Ossianic lay mentioning Deirdre and Naois of Clan Uisne.

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Càit a Bheil i, Càit an Deach i, 1968

Track ID : 109874

A song in which the composer complains that the girl he loved has left him and married someone from another township. The reactions of his parents are described in a humorous way.

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O Hù a 's Mo Rùn air Òg Ùr a' Chùil Dualaich, 1970

Track ID : 93391

This is a woman's love song for the fair-haired young man from the castle. She would recognise his steps as he came with his pipes on his shoulder.

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Cò Siud Thall air Sràid na h-Eala?, 10 February 1962

Track ID : 10065

In this waulking song men are observed in the distance. They are MacNeils of Barra, coming to extend their lands and wishing to take Rum, Eigg, Canna and Colonsay.

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Soraidh Leis a' Bhreacan Ùr, 1961

Track ID : 66160

In this song the composer bids farewell to the plaid. He hopes that the Gaels will curse King William for replacing the kilt with trousers. He also says that women will not fancy him because he is ...

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Mo Chùbhrachan 's a Chùl ri Làr, August 1970

Track ID : 66911

Contributors : Morrison, Mary (2415)

This is a lullaby in the fairy song tradition. The mother of a child stolen by the fairies lists the various animal and bird tracks she has found. She has not found any sign of her child.

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Fàilte air a' Bhaile, 24 April 1985

Track ID : 52691

Praise for one part of the Paible area in North Uist. Ena MacDonald describes what she sees from the window of her house in the Paible area of North Uist. She names the hills and villages that she...

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Leigheasan lus., 12 June 1958

Track ID : 31691

Contributors : MacLeod, Mrs Annie (4599)
Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

Plant cures. Cows with 'teas-broilein' (a condition brought on by eating too much dry food) were given 'liath-rus' (a moorland plant like bogbean). Carbuncles were brought to a head with a plant w...

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