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Eachdraidh-beatha an Urramaich Tormod Dòmhnallach., 12 February 1953

Track ID : 2686

Rev. Norman MacDonald: autobiographical details. Rev. Norman Macdonald talks about his life. He was born in Valtos, in an area steeped in Gaelic culture and tradition. Even at a young age he hoped...

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A' sealg ròn agus mhucan-mara ann an Ùig., November 1965

Track ID : 44355

Hunting seals and whales in Uig. Conversation about hunting seals and whales in Uig. When the contributor was young some people would hunt seals using guns. They ate the blubber but not the flesh....

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Dòrlach fhaclan à sgìre an fhiosraiche., 1960

Track ID : 75587

A collection of mostly uncommon words from the contributor's homeland.

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Fiosrachadh mu dheidhinn ceann-cropaig agus bonnach-eathair...., 1978

Track ID : 62033

Information about crappit heid and boat-bannocks. The contributor explains how crappit heid was made. Information about the boat-bannocks which fishermen took with them to sea.

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Fiosrachadh mun fhacal bainne-binid., 1978

Track ID : 62183

Information about the word bainne-binid [rennet].

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An taigh-cèilidh agus a' Ghàidhlig., March 1953

Track ID : 2649

The cèilidh-house and Gaelic. The contributor has always been interested in tradition. He lived in a blackhouse, which was a popular cèilidh-house, when he was a boy. The visitors were generally p...

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An deith-theallaich., 1969

Track ID : 73211

The contributor tells of the 'dith-theallaich', an implement for burning holes when making a sieve.

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An cròcan-gaoisid., 1969

Track ID : 73212

The contributor tells of a 'cròcan gaoisid', the implement that was used to make horsehair rope.

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Làithean sgoile an fhiosraiche., c. September 1975

Track ID : 104020

The contributor's schooldays. The contributor reminisces about her schooldays. There were over one hundred pupils but only one teacher. Gaelic was not taught and there was no respect for the langu...

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Bha a h-uile àth ach aon a' dol na teine ann am Beàrnaraigh., September 1969

Track ID : 50438

Every barn except one went on fire in Berneray during the grain processing. People did not understand how one old man's barn did not go on fire during the grain processing. They eventually found o...

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