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Mar a tha a' chearc air a mallachadh., 26 March 1953

Track ID : 125

How the hen is cursed. When Jesus was fleeing to Egypt he hid in a corn stack. A hen came and scratched at the corn stack, which is why the hen was cursed.

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Coirce a dh'fhàs cho àrd tron oidhche 's gun do chòmhdaich e..., 26 March 1953

Track ID : 127

Corn growing overnight to hide the fleeing holy family. When the holy family was fleeing to Egypt, the corn grew so high overnight that they were hidden in it. Mention is made of the responses of ...

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Mar a shaoil boireannach gun do dh'ith am mart aice pìobaire..., 28 May 1953

Track ID : 3761

How a woman thought her cow had eaten a piper. A piper was coming home to Arisaig after the Battle of Culloden and saw a dead Englishman on the road. He tried to take off his fancy boots but faile...

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Bhiodh bàird a' feuchainn a chèile ann an tòimhseachain. Tha..., June 1953

Track ID : 3579

Bards used to test each other's ability with words. The contributor tells a story of one such instance.

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An t-Èireannach a shabhail an t-Iùdhach le bhith a' freagairt trì ceistean an rìgh., 24 June 1953

Track ID : 3582

The Irishman who saved the Jew's life by answering the king's three questions. A Jew and an Irishman looked like each other. The Jew worked for the king and the Irishman was very poor. The king ha...

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Mar a theich Alasdair Breac nuair a chaidh a shluigeadh le m..., 24 June 1953

Track ID : 3585

How Alasdair Breac escaped after being swallowed by a whale. Alasdair Breac and his boat were swallowed by a whale while out fishing on Loch Eishort. The whale was finally stranded on the shore in...

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An trosg mòr a dh'ith an abhag., 24 June 1953

Track ID : 3588

The large cod that ate the terrier. Men were out fishing and caught a huge cod, but it got free and ate a terrier they had with them. The following year they caught another huge cod and this time ...

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Murachan agus Marachan a' buain ùbhlan., 1953

Track ID : 3623

Murachan and Marachan picking apples. Murachan and Marachan went to pick apples. Murachan went up the tree and knocked them down to Marachan, who subsequently ate all of them. Murachan went off to...

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Naidheachd ghoirid mu thuathanach aig an robh triùir nighean..., 1953

Track ID : 3625

A short anecdote about two daughters of a farmer refusing to marry Coire Choille, but the third daughter accepts him.

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Chaidh am bàta aig Mac 'Ille Chaluim Ratharsair às an rathad..., August 1955

Track ID : 9589

MacLeod of Raasay's boat sunk by witches. MacLeod of Raasay returned from a raid on Lochaber to find all his cattle had been taken by MacQueen of Lewis, who was married to his sister. He went to L...

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