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Cò leis an Crodh Druimfhionn ud thall?, 03 August 1950

Track ID : 25907

Fieldworkers :

Unknown Person

This little pibroch song begins "Whose are the white-backed cattle, climbing the corner of the mountain?" The reply is "They are mine. They are yours. They are ours."

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Alasdair MacCoinnich agus Aonghas MacLeòid., March 1955

Track ID : 29012

Contributors : Martin, Roderick (4322)

Alasdair MacKenzie and Angus MacLeod. There was once an administrator in Balallan called Alasdair MacKenzie. He hated a fellow villager called Angus MacLeod, and accused him of sheep-stealing. Ang...

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Na balaich à Ùig a chaidh a mhurt an Loch Sìophort., March 1955

Track ID : 29014

Contributors : Martin, Roderick (4322)

The Uig men who were murdered at Loch Seaforth. Some men from Uig were shipwrecked and murdered at Loch Seaforth. Their fate was revealed in verse in a dream that the fiancé of one of them had. Th...

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Cridheachan luaidhe., March 1955

Track ID : 29025

Lead hearts. Mention of an old woman who made some lead hearts which were thrown out onto a hill.

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Dà chridhe luaidhe air an ceangal ri chèile., March 1955

Track ID : 29029

Two lead hearts tied together. Some woman found two lead hearts tied together inside a girl's pocket. They were thrown out. This killed the love between the girl and her sweetheart.

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Obair dachaigh air a' chroit., 1970

Track ID : 68218

Crofting chores. Discussion about morning chores on the croft. The cows were milked and sometimes the sheep if the cows were dry. A few people kept goats. Mention of resting the peat fires at nigh...

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Daorghlas agus a' cheàrdach., 26 May 1956

Track ID : 70440

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

Daorghlas and the smithy. Rudha na Ceàrdach goes out into Loch Lealt. At one time, when the smithy was operational, the blacksmith was so secretive about his work that he would not let anyone in. ...

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Faclan neo-chumanta às an Eilean Sgitheanach., June 1956

Track ID : 71075

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

Uncommon words from the Isle of Skye. One hundred and twenty-five Gaelic words which the contributor has not seen in a dictionary, with meanings given in English.

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Mar a thàinig ceòl an toiseach do na h-Eileanan Siar., July 1953

Track ID : 3266

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

How music first came to the Western Isles. A widow's only son found a musical instrument on the seashore but got very depressed because he was unable to play it. His mother went to a 'sgoil-dhubh'...

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Sheòl Mo Rùn ò haoi hiù, January 1956

Track ID : 73138

A woman's song of unrequited love. She tells that her beloved, a sailor whom she had loved since her youth, has sailed away and left her.

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