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Londonderry Hornpipe, 1971

Track ID : 83551

This is the 'Londonderry Hornpipe' played on the fiddle.

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Auld Swaara, 10 October 1970

Track ID : 90077

This is an old Shetland tune called 'Auld Swaara' played on the fiddle. Followed by information about the instrument played.

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The Cradle Song/The Laird of Drumblair/Unknown, 1960

Track ID : 92612

Tom Anderson plays a fiddle (dated 1733) owned by Mr Wishart from Skeld. He plays three tunes: the slow air 'The Cradle Song', followed by the strathspey 'The Laird o Drumblair', and finishing with...

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Unknown, 1960

Track ID : 92613

Tom Anderson plays a reel on a fiddle made by Mr Wishart in 1936.

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The Spey in Spate, 1960

Track ID : 92614

Tom Anderson plays the reel 'The Spey in Spate' on the fiddle. Preceded by conversation.

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Unst Bridal March/Da Bride's a Boannie Ting, 1958

Track ID : 89929

Tom Anderson introduces two wedding tunes from Unst, which he then plays on the fiddle. The first is the 'Unst Bridal March', which was played for the wedding procession, followed by 'Da Bride's ...

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De'il Stick da Minister, 1958

Track ID : 89930

This is the Shetland reel 'De'il Stick da Minister', played on the fiddle. This tune from Unst dates back to the days when the minister of the district tried to destroy the fiddles. However, one f...

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Loddie, 1958

Track ID : 89931

'Loddie', a tune from Yell, played on the fiddle.

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Road to Houll, 1958

Track ID : 89932

Tom Anderson plays one of his own compositions, which he wrote in Unst in 1936. The tune is called 'Road to Houll' and is played on the fiddle.

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Norwick Wedding March, 1958

Track ID : 89933

Tom Anderson plays a tune of his own composition, a 4/4 march called 'Norwick Wedding March', on the fiddle.

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