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Òran Dhòmhnaill Mhogastad, 15 April 1988

Track ID : 58980

This is one of the songs which tell of the elopement of Jessie of Balranald. It describes how she was taken out of the house.

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Iomairibh Eutrom hó hó, 08 June 1958

Track ID : 105063

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

This song, sung here as a waulking song, begins: "The dairymaid went to the beach / To do something others would not do / To gather shellfish at high tide."

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Mo Nighean Donn, Mo Nighean Donn, 08 June 1958

Track ID : 68266

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

In this waulking song the composer lists the places where he would take the brown-haired girl he loves. Among these are Uist, Glasgow and Edinburgh. He would take her to America if he had enough mo...

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Hi Dhiù Òra Hù O, 08 June 1958

Track ID : 68278

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

In this waulking song a woman laments the man she loved. He has been drowned. His bed has not been made, and she will not make it. He lies among the seaweed.

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Ailein Duinn Nach Till Thu 'n Taobh Sa, 08 June 1958

Track ID : 105071

Fieldworkers : Ross, James (406)

This waulking song describes an incident in an encounter between the MacDonalds and the Martins of Trotternish.

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Crodh Laoigh nam Bodach, 31 December 1955

Track ID : 20768

A milking song in which the old man's cattle are being reared in the glen, without hay or straw.

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Och nan Och Leag Iad Thu, 31 December 1955

Track ID : 20782

A pibroch song and lament in which a man was killed by a black horse. The beer for his wedding was used for his wake.

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Cìdh 'n Fhidheall far an Fhìdheall, 31 December 1955

Track ID : 20784

A mouth-music song; see the fiddle on the table. A man names the women he likes.

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Falbhaidh Mise 's Padair Mòr, 31 December 1955

Track ID : 20786

A mouth-music song about a girl and a boy named Peter going down the road together.

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Mhorag an Dèan Thu Tighinn?, 31 December 1955

Track ID : 20789

In this mouth-music song a man sings to his beloved, Morag, and asks if she is coming. He likes her conversation and finds it strange that she wouldn't come as she is so often on his mind. He says ...

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