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The Quaker's Wife/Captain Carswell/The High Road to Linton/Unknown, June 1974

Track ID : 81983

The contributor explains how she learnt canntaireachd. She then sings four tunes. These include 'The Quaker's Wife', 'Captain Carswell' and 'The High Road to Linton'.

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Mo Mhàthair, June 1974

Track ID : 81984

A song full of praise for the composer's mother.

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Ochoin a Rìgh gur Truagh a Tha Mi, June 1974

Track ID : 81989

A song in which a woman expresses her sorrow, having been reprimanded by the priest.

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Fàinne MhicEachainn., June 1974

Track ID : 81963

MacEachen's ring. MacEachen's ring was given to the contributor by her mother, which had come from a relative in Lochboisdale. The ring has lock of hair inside it.

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Tha am fiosraiche ag aithris ùrnaigh., June 1974

Track ID : 81969

The contributor recites a prayer.

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Sgeulachd mu na sìthichean a' goid leanabh agus a' fàgail tà..., June 1974

Track ID : 81979

A story about the fairies stealing a child and leaving a changeling in its place, and how the woman got back her own child.

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Fiosrachadh mu òr a chaidh a lorg air a' chladach an dèidh d..., June 1974

Track ID : 81982

Information about gold bars which were found on the shore after a Spanish ship was wrecked off Barra.

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Sgeulachd èibhinn mu obair an sgadain am Barraigh, 's gun ai..., June 1974

Track ID : 81967

A humorous anecdote about the herring work in Barra, when the curers spoke only English and the gutters only Gaelic.

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Sgeulachd èibhinn mu dhotair gun Ghàidhlig., June 1974

Track ID : 81968

A humorous anecdote about a woman explaining to a doctor with no Gaelic about her husband's pains.

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A' faighinn cuidhteas sìthichean le bhith ag èigheach gun ro..., June 1974

Track ID : 81970

Getting rid of fairies by shouting that Dùn Bhuirgh is on fire. A woman asked for help to do her weaving. The fairies came and did all her work but she could not get rid of them. She sought advice...

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