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Miscellaneous jokes and anecdotes., October 1964

Track ID : 98487

Miscellaneous jokes and anecdotes.

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Family history., October 1964

Track ID : 98488

Family history. The contributor gives a detailed background to her father's and mother's families. Mention of her father's work building the Forth Bridge, and a fellow worker who was killed. She a...

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The Jute Mill Song, October 1964

Track ID : 98490

Discussion of when the contributor first heard the 'Oh Dear Me' verse of her famous 'Jute Mill Song'. A woman in a green felt hat led a strike in Dundee in 1912 for a ten percent increase in their ...

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We are Out for Higher Wages, October 1964

Track ID : 98492

Protest song sung at a strike in Dundee in 1912.

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O There's Nought in this Wide World, 22 May 1968

Track ID : 24690

The singer longs for her sweetheart, taken by the press gang, hine [far] over the sea, possibly to his death, and wishes the wind could blow him back to her. Mary Brooksbank heard the song, which ...

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Autobiographical information: Mary Brooksbank., 22 May 1968

Track ID : 24691

Biography and family history of Mary Brooksbank. Mary Brooksbank's grandmother had two illegitimate children to Paddy Reilly. They went on the road together and she died in Wick. Mary's mother was...

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We are Out for Higher Wages, 22 May 1968

Track ID : 24692

The workers are out for higher wages for a decent living. Mary Brooksbank first heard the song from a strike leader, a woman called Burns.

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The Jute Mill Song, 22 May 1968

Track ID : 24693

A song of the struggle and poverty of the poorest-paid workers in the jute mills of Dundee. Mary Brooksbank added words and tune to a little chant sung in the mills and factories.

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The early life of Mary Brooksbank., 22 May 1968

Track ID : 24694

The early life of Mary Brooksbank. Mary Brooksbank was in service in Wormit for a time. Information on her book and on Ewan MacColl. Description of the first strike she ever saw, the famous Dundee...

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Mary Brooksbank's working life., 22 May 1968

Track ID : 24696

Mary Brooksbank's working life. The first mill Mary Brooksbank worked in was the Baltic, but she was underage and was paid off. After she left school she worked beside her mother at J. M. Kidd's, ...

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