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Cha Tig Mòr Mo Bhean Dhachaigh, December 1954

Track ID : 105854

A lament and cradle song. A man mourns the death of his young wife and is desolate without her. His clothes are shabby. No one cares for the cattle.

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Horo o Hì Hòireannan, December 1954

Track ID : 105826

The composer of this waulking song is sad. She saw the man she loves going past on his grey horse, but he paid no attention to her. The second section has Jacobite references and the composer hope...

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Òganaich Dhuinn a Rinn M' Fhàgail, December 1954

Track ID : 105828

In this waulking song, sometimes also used for spinning, a woman tells of being abandoned.

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Tha Caolas Eadar Mi 's Iain, December 1954

Track ID : 105849

In this waulking song the composer complains that there is a deep ocean between her and Iain. She wishes it would ebb before daybreak so that she could go to see her secret lover.

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Thug Mi 'n Oidhche ge b' Fhad' i, December 1954

Track ID : 105850

The composer of this waulking song describes spending the night waiting for certain brothers, whose bravery is praised. They have been successful in battle in Germany.

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Cur nan Gobhar às a' Chreig, November 1965

Track ID : 95849

This is a vocal dance tune about driving goats from the crags. It can be played as a reel.

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Bhean Ud Thall Gu Dè Th' orr Aire, November 1965

Track ID : 95855

In this waulking song, the composer tells of her sadness. She asks about Ronald and Allan. She then goes on to speak of young Iain who is a skilled mariner.

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Tha an Latha An-diugh hù ill ò ro, December 1954

Track ID : 105852

This waulking song praises the Clan MacNeil and their speedy galley. The composer praises the carpenter who built the ship. Her lover is on board.

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M' Eudail Mhòr Mac 'ic Ailein, December 1954

Track ID : 105920

This is a waulking song. The lines sung praise Clanranald and can be found in a long waulking song, in the form of a flyting, in which a bardess of MacLeod of Harris and a bardess of Clanranald pra...

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Gur e Mo Ghille Dubh-dhonn, December 1954

Track ID : 105924

The chorus of this waulking song is addressed to a dark-haired young man. We learn later that his name is Donald. The composer of the song states that she lay awake thinking of him and how he aband...

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