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An Gaol Cho Trom 's a Ghabh Mi Ort, 07 July 1953

Track ID : 11551

This is a love song in which the bard tells how he misses the girl he loves, since she went to the Lowlands. He describes her beauty and tells how she was a good dancer.

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È Horò Mo Rùn-s' am Fearann, December 1953

Track ID : 11446

This song praises the beauty of the area near Loch Sunart.

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Siuthadaibh, Siuthadaibh a Mhnathan, 23 July 1953

Track ID : 11843

This waulking song incites the women to waulk the cloth with vigour.

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Unknown, 07 July 1953

Track ID : 11554

The pipe march played here on the button-key accordion has been played twice through.

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Unknown, 07 July 1953

Track ID : 11477

A pipe march played on the fiddle.

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Gur e Mise a Tha gu Tùrsach an seo an Dùthaich nam Fiadh, 23 July 1953

Track ID : 11662

In this homeland song, a woman who is working in Dalmally expresses her wish to return to Benbecula. This is the land of Clanranald, where the people are happy even though they are not wealthy.

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'S e seo eisimpleir de dhuan Callaig mar a bha e ann am Bein..., 23 July 1953

Track ID : 11793

This is an example of a ballad recited at Hogmanay in Benbecula.

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Alasdair Òig 'ic 'ic Neacail, 23 July 1953

Track ID : 11800

In this waulking song the composer wishes she could have seven sons by young Alasdair Nicolson. She tells of the jobs they would have. One would be in the church, one would be a drover and one woul...

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Òran Cianalais, 23 July 1953

Track ID : 11917

In this song the poetess misses her homeland and looks forward to returning.

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Mar a thachdadh rùda an taigh Màiri nighean Aonghais., 23 July 1953

Track ID : 11919

How a ram was choked in the house of Màiri nighean Aonghais. This anecdote tells how a pet ram was choked in the house of Màiri nighean Aonghais, while preparations were being made for her daughte...

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