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The Lowlands of Holland, March 1955

Track ID : 97601

False start to a tragic press gang song.

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A mysterious female figure on a lonely road., March 1955

Track ID : 60124

A mysterious female figure on a lonely road. Bella Higgins' brother-in-law met a lady on a lonely road, wearing a rustling waterproof and dripping wet. He saw her again twice at the same place and...

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An apparition like a bull calf., March 1955

Track ID : 60322

An apparition like a bull calf. Bella Higgins and her family were camped in Ireland, near a ruined lodge at Pettigo. Some of the men were sitting up round the campfire, when they saw something lik...

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A Mother's Love's a Blessing, 1955

Track ID : 28957

A young man is leaving home; his mother tells him how much she loves him and that he should remember this. He looks forward to marrying some day and teaching his children the blessing his mother ta...

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At Bella's House, March 1955

Track ID : 28990

In this song a musical evening at Bella [Belle Stewart]'s house is described, including the various singers. The fieldworker Maurice [Fleming] is mentioned. Hamish [Henderson] is missed to lead the...

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Late Last Night I was Asked to a Wedding, March 1955

Track ID : 26287

The young man is asked to his sweetheart's wedding and sings a song asking why she has married another. She goes to bed and is found dead in the morning.

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An apparition threatened a boy, but was exorcised by a pries..., March 1955

Track ID : 97602

An apparition threatened a boy, but was exorcised by a priest. An old man told the following story as true. When he was a boy, he unwisely took a short cut at night. A red-haired woman came out of...

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Burkers captured a baby and almost slit a woman's throat., March 1955

Track ID : 97603

Burkers captured a baby and almost slit a woman's throat. When the contributor's mother was a girl she met a poor woman by the roadside who had part of her neck missing. The woman told her what ha...

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The Happy Auld Days that's Awa, September 1954

Track ID : 98342

In this sentimental song, the singer recalls happy days gone by. He has come to sing a song, and though he knows no new songs, he can always sing 'The Happy Auld Days that's Awa'.

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Leaving Dear Old Ireland, March 1955

Track ID : 62973

A fragment of the sentimental song 'Leaving Dear Old Ireland' ['Three Leaves of Shamrock'], in which a man about to emigrate is stopped by a girl and asked to convey three shamrock leaves to her br...

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