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Prògram Choinnich, 22 April 1997

Track ID : 8863

Contributors : Yule, Christina (1721)

An 1850 time capsule in Dundee. A time capsule was placed in Dundee Royal Infirmary in 1850. This building is now [1997] for sale and they want to find the capsule and place it in Ninewells Hospit...

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Prògram Choinnich, 24 April 1997

Track ID : 8913

Contributors : Yule, Christina (1721)

Dundee University archives. Information on items found in the archives of Dundee University. Included are the discovery of 6,000 items recorded by the botanists the Corstorphines in Glen Clova be...

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Prògram Choinnich, 07 May 1998

Track ID : 14754

Dundee and its excellent reputation as a place for scientific research. Dr Kay MacLeod tells why she feels that Dundee is a good place for scientists to work. She also tells a little about the cit...

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Prògram Choinnich, 11 May 2001

Track ID : 29891

John Morrison recommends museums and galleries in Dundee.

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The Overgate, 1960

Track ID : 82864

Comic song in which a man is duped by a prostitute in Dundee, who steals his wallet.

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The Magdalen Green, January 1968

Track ID : 99172

Seduction song in which the singer courts and then leaves a young woman. While he is at sea, he dreams of the child she has borne him, and vows to go back and make amends.

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The Green Fields of Dundee, 12 March 1973

Track ID : 100348

Comic song in which the singer describes 'pea-ing' [picking peas] in the green fields around Dundee.

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The Wife o Denside, 04 September 1971

Track ID : 88897

Song describing Mary Smith's murder of her maid servant at Denside near Dundee. Smith is put on trial, but not convicted. Preceded by introduction.

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The Overgate, 1971

Track ID : 85378

Comic song in which a man is duped by a prostitute in Dundee. She steals his wallet.

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The Road and the Miles to Dundee, 09 November 1975

Track ID : 63044

In this popular song, the singer meets a girl who asks him the way to Dundee. Since it's easier to show her than tell her, he suggests that they make their way to Dundee together. When they arrive,...

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