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Auld Sharp was a crofter who wrote letters to the newspapers..., 1956

Track ID : 3524

Auld Sharp was a crofter who wrote letters to the newspapers.

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King Henry Fifth's Conquest of France, 1956

Track ID : 3064

Recited fragment of the ballad 'King Henry Fifth's Conquest of France'. The king muses on the tribute due to him from the King of France, ten tons of gold. The King of France finally surrenders his...

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Gude Wallace, 1956

Track ID : 3098

A recited fragment of the ballad 'Gude Wallace', in which Wallace resolves to make for Perth.

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The Brave Duke of Gordon is Cock of the North, 1956

Track ID : 3100

A verse that people used to call out to the Duke of Gordon as he rode past to Tomintoul: The brave Duke of Gordon is Cock o the North, He can hunt in every forest between Grantshouse and Forth, He...

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Unknown, 1956

Track ID : 3130

Jock Milne o Livet's Glen received a tenancy that he wanted after composing the following verses: The rich man's mean an hard, They wouldna grant a poor man a kailyard [cabbage patch]. The tenants...

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O Wha's at the Window, Wha, Wha, 1956

Track ID : 3131

A recited fragment: Oh, wha's at the window, wha? Oh, wha's at the window, wha? Bonnie Johnny has come Tae steal bonnie Jeannie awa. The contributor calls this "an old Miss MacPherson song".

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Lang Johnny More, 1956

Track ID : 3132

Recited fragment (opening verse) of the ballad 'Lang Johnny More': There's braw lads in Auchindoon and braw in Auchindore But the bonniest lad that e'er I saw was Lang Johnny More.

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The Haughs o Cromdale, 1956

Track ID : 3133

The singer meets a man near Auchindoun and asks for news [of the battle at the Haughs o Cromdale]. The man replies, "The Hielan army rues / That e'er it focht at Cromdale." Montrose [James Graham, ...

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Arthur McBride, 1956

Track ID : 3134

A recited fragment of the song, 'Arthur McBride': The drummer boy [he kicked up?] such a row And we made a football of his rowdy-dow-dow, Threw it in the water tae rock and tae row And it happened...

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Travelling people in Glenlivet., 1956

Track ID : 3135

Travelling people in Glenlivet. There were many Travellers, known as cyards, in the Glenlivet district in the old days. They made white iron [tin-plate] pails. The local people had no animosity to...

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