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Mary Annie, Sugar Cannie, 1960

Track ID : 82856

Scots nonsense song.

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Weather-lore rhymes about Candlemas:, 1960

Track ID : 82857

Weather-lore rhymes about Candlemas: First comes Canlemas an then the new meen That meen oot an the next in its hicht The first Sunday efter that and that's baith [sic] richt. If Canlemas day be ...

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St Sairs, 1960

Track ID : 82858

Comic poem in which a man buys a pony at a fair and is astonished when she foals excellent horses.

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Bognie Brae, 1960

Track ID : 82859

Convivial poem about a enjoyable evening at Bognie Brae hotel.

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The Trooper and the Maid, 1960

Track ID : 82861

Seduction ballad in which a trooper sleeps with a young woman then departs in the morning with his regiment. She follows them, but is abandoned at Stirling when her pregnancy prevents her from cont...

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Come All ye Lonely Lovers, 1960

Track ID : 82862

In this pastoral love song, a young woman describes her love for her ploughman boy.

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The Overgate, 1960

Track ID : 82863

Comic song in which a man is duped by a prostitute in Dundee, who steals his wallet.

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Jock Tamson's Tripe, 1971

Track ID : 63038

In this comic song, Jock Tamson, having recently started earning money, decides to have tripe for his supper instead of brose and butter. One night, his mother, who dotes on him, has some mutches [...

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The Haughs o Cromdale, December 1953

Track ID : 92

Song air, whistled.

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The Flowers of Edinburgh, December 1953

Track ID : 94

Traditional reel, whistled.

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