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As I Went Out One May Morning, 1953

Track ID : 8278

The singer spots a young lady one morning. She tells him she is sixteen and invites him to visit her at night. She stables his horse, then takes the soldier to the table. She goes to make the bed, ...

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The Trooper and the Maid, 1953

Track ID : 8280

A soldier comes to town and propositions a young woman. She stables his horse, gives the soldier a drink and takes him to bed. She follows him when he is summmoned back to duty, but he abandons her...

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The Trooper and the Maid, 1953

Track ID : 8282

A soldier arrives and meets a young woman. She gives him a drink, and takes him to bed. He is summoned back to his troop. Ewan MacColl abandons the song because the audience is not joining in the...

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The Bonnie Laddie's Lang A-growin, 1953

Track ID : 8284

Ewan MacColl believes this to be the best Scottish version of this song, and sings it to illustrate improvised ornamentation. The girl reproaches her father for marrying her to a younger boy. He t...

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Decline of folk-singing and stylistic changes., 1953

Track ID : 8319

Decline of folksinging and stylistic changes. Many songs have hundreds of versions. In the 1870s and 1880s, when the level of village proficiency in folksinging was deteriorating, chorus songs beg...

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The Gresford Pit Disaster, 1953

Track ID : 7944

Ewan MacColl introduces a song about a mining disaster that occurred on 22 September 1934 at Gresford Colliery (near Wrexham, in north-east Wales). The singer says that people will know of the Gre...

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Fourpence a Day, 1953

Track ID : 7946

This song was collected by Ewan MacColl and Joan Littlewood at a pensioners' club in Teesdale, Yorkshire. The song tells of a boy rising at five o'clock on a snowy morning to go and wash lead for ...

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Sixteen Tons and Deeper in Debt, 1953

Track ID : 7948

Ewan MacColl got this song from Alan Lomax, who got it from Merle Travis. MacColl explains that the song refers to the system where miners were paid in paper scrip that could only be spent in the c...

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St James' Hospital, 1953

Track ID : 7955

The song concerns a young man who has caught a venereal disease from a young woman; she did not tell him that she had it, so he could not try any remedies.

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Difficulties of determining the original version of any song..., 1953

Track ID : 7972

Difficulties of determining the original version of any song, and the study of folksong as a comparative science. Unless there is contemporary information about who composed a song it is almost im...

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